BMW Oil Leak

Where Should You Go in Thousand Oaks to Repair Oil Leaks in Your BMW

By Bavarian Performance Specialists September 3, 2020

Ensuring the high-level of performance and reliability of a car like BMW should be the #1 importance for any driver. An oil leak is an issue that a lot of times goes unfixed because it is misdiagnosed by the driver or they simply do not take their vehicle in.

Do not fall into this trap. Any oil leak is a serious issue as it is hard to pinpoint where exactly the leak is coming from. Fluid leaking under the car is reason to take a vehicle into a professional and should not be ignored.

Why Are Oil Leaks Bad

The serious repercussions from not getting an oil leak looked at are often not taken seriously enough. Besides the fact that the leak could be coming from anywhere, an oil leak can be a fire hazard.

Any fire in the engine compartment of your BMW poses a huge risk to the safety of you and anyone else with you. Even though it is hard to identify where an oil leak may be coming from, some common causes for oil leaks may help in figuring out if that is what is happening.

Bad Oil Drain Plug

When you take your car in for an oil change, they often pull this plug out to drain the excess older oil. When this plug at the bottom of the oil pan degrades over time or becomes loose, it is possible that oil may begin to slip out.

Bad Connections

There are many parts that work towards the car properly utilizing oil. If one of those connections becomes too old or has a tear, oil might leak through that area. Ensure that you replace the filters and tubes in your vehicle when necessary.

The Valve Gasket

This common problem is the largest culprit for oil leaks. The main two heads of the engine are joined via the valve gasket and, over time or many miles, sludge can build up around the valve and contribute to corrosion. This build up may also allow oil to leak through the cracks that are formed.

Where to Take Your Vehicle for an Oil Leak

Regardless of the cause for your specific oil leak, this is a serious problem that can harm the performance of your BMW. Neglecting to get the problem fixed may put you in harm’s way, so if any warning signs appear, take your car in to a professional service.

The headache that may arise from waiting in line at the dealership is not worth it for an oil leak patch job. Your car will most likely not be listed as a priority because there may be more serious services needed on other cars. Additionally, a high demand and range of vehicles means they may not have the technical knowledge you need.

When it comes to a standard auto shop, you won’t find the parts or expertise needed for diagnosing and patching an oil leak. As a better alternative, taking your BMW to a European car specialist shop gets you both those things.

For the case of an oil leak, it is best to rely on a European-speacialized mechanic shop. European vehicles are made differently than domestics and require special equipment that not every shop may have. In the Thousand Oaks area, though, Bavarian Performance Specialists have everything you would need.

How Bavarian Performance Specialists Can Help

At Bavarian Performance Specialist, we guarantee your car gets the best service for BMW Mechanic Checking Oil Drain Plug repairs and maintenance. We have been servicing clients in the areas around Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills, Westlake, Malibu, and Newbury Park, CA for years and specialize in German auto repair.

Your BMW will be in the best and most capable hands if you bring it to us for servicing. From simple to extreme repairs, we do it all. That means that your problem will be fixed quickly and we will have you back on the road safely.

Please reach out and give us a call anytime to schedule an appointment. You can also come visit us at Thousand Oaks Boulevard. Let us show you why we have such strong reviews and allow us to earn you trust for your future BMW needs.