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Porsche Black Exhaust Smoke

Does Your Porsche Need An Engine Rebuild?

by Bavarian Performance Specialists December 23, 2021

The Porsche brand has become synonymous with status, luxury, and high performance. The sight of a Porsche on the road brings a level of respect and excitement. On the race track, they stand toe to toe with the highest performance …

Porsche Rear Main Seal Oil Leak

Where to Take Your Porsche in Thousand Oaks to Fix a Rear Main Seal Oil Leak

by Bavarian Performance Specialists December 6, 2021

The majority of car owners worldwide are no strangers to different forms of car faults, including the more uncommon ones like a rear main seal oil leak. If you own a Porsche, particularly the 996, 997, …

Porsche Weak Air Conditioner

What Happens When a Pressure Accumulator Fails in a Porsche?

by Bavarian Performance Specialists August 27, 2021

Pressure accumulators are important parts in Porsche vehicles. They affect the performance and power of the vehicle, among other factors. There are several accumulators in your car, and they are composed of chambers, valves, hydraulic lines, pistons

Porsche Fuel Pump

Where to Find a Porsche Master Specialist in Thousand Oaks to Replace a Fuel Pump

by Bavarian Performance Specialists June 24, 2021

If you are reading this, it is likely that you believe that your fuel pump is failing. You are probably trying to decide on your next steps in correcting this issue in your Porsche. Unfortunately, driving a car …

Porsche Coolant Leak

Repair Tips for a Failed Plastic Coolant Pipe in a Porsche From the Expert in Thousand Oaks

by Bavarian Performance Specialists February 12, 2021

When the coolant pipes in some Porsche’s were manufactured, the main thought was cost effectiveness. This helps the manufacturer to save money, which they can then pass on to you. However, it can cause some problems for the car …

Porsche Air-Oil Separator Failure Sign

Everything You Need to Know About Your Air-Oil Separator Failure in Porsche

by Bavarian Performance Specialists December 25, 2020

If you own a Porsche of any model, you already know how dependable they are and how long they will provide you with longevity and enjoyment. While your Porsche has many different intricate systems, one of the main problems that …

Porsche Contaminated Oil Sign

Reasons for Metal Shavings in the Oil of Your Porsche

by Bavarian Performance Specialists September 19, 2020

The appeal of a Porsche is the amazingly smooth ride while providing exceptional performance and handling. When this elite driving performance is compromised by metal shavings in your oil, it can be very frustrating for a Porsche owner.…

Porsche Driveshaft Support Failure

How to Deal With Driveshaft Support Failure in a Porsche

by Bavarian Performance Specialists April 24, 2020

There are few cars that offer as elegant an experience as a Porsche. Not only are they smooth, but they are also incredibly powerful. However, regular upkeep and maintenance are required to keep up that same level of performance, …

Porsche MAF Sensor

Why Does the MAF Sensor Malfunction in Your Porsche?

by Bavarian Performance Specialists November 21, 2019

Porsche vehicles represent the best in motoring innovation, quality, and design. However, even the most superior of vehicle can develop failure, and one of the most common drivers have to deal with is MAF failure. Inconvenient and with a …

Porsche Dashboard Beeping Sounds

Causes of Beeping Sounds Under Your Porsche’s Dash

by Bavarian Performance Specialists August 28, 2019

Porsche is a seductive, high-performance automobile, but sometimes there are odd little issues that you just cannot interpret, such as a beeping noise under the dashboard. This might not have any associated warning light, leaving you wondered what the …

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