Audi EGR Valve

Where to Get Your Audi’s EGR Valve Replaced in Thousand Oaks

By Bavarian Performance Specialists April 12, 2024

Is the engine of your Audi showing irregular behaviors as if the EGR valve is not in good condition? If you are wondering what an EGR valve does or how you can know if it’s time to replace it, then keep on reading.

How the EGR Valve Works

The Exhaust Gas Recirculation or EGR is an important part of your Audi and from its name, you can guess the work it was designed to do is to recirculate gasses in the exhaust system. It performs this function by reintroducing harmful exhaust gasses back into the combustion process, which subsequently helps reduce the combustion temperature and thus reduces the formation of nitrogen oxides (NOx) which are harmful pollutants.

Sign of a Faulty EGR Valve

  • Poor Engine Performance: When your Audi’s EGR valve is not working properly, it can make the performance of your engine drop. This power drop is more visible when the car feels very slow or less responsive to your commands. During acceleration, you might come across slow and shaky signs indicating that the engine is not able to keep up with a constant power delivery.
  • Increased Emissions: The EGR valve is an integral component in the process of decreasing toxic emissions from your Audi’s engine. But if the valve fails or gets obstructed, it may interfere with the smooth flow of exhaust gasses through the system. Consequently, your Audi may exhale more pollutants, such as nitrogen oxides (NOx), carbon monoxide (CO), and hydrocarbons (HC). This rise in emissions may force the vehicle to fail emission tests.
  • Poor Fuel Economy: A failed EGR valve can significantly influence the air-fuel mixture in your Audi engine. If the valve is stuck in the open or closed position, it can have a negative impact on the combustion process by causing incomplete fuel burning. The consequence is that the fuel efficiency of your Audi is likely to drop and you will end up spending more money on fuel.
  • Check Engine Light: The diagnostic system inside of your Audi is capable of checking and monitoring different engine parameters, such as the operation of the EGR valve. If the system discovers a malfunction in the EGR valve or any of its related parts, the Check Engine Light will be lit on your dashboard. This warning light notifies the driver that the emissions control system is defective and there is a need for a certified mechanic to look into the issue.

Changing Your Audi’s EGR Valve

  • Diagnosis: Before you go ahead with the installation of an EGR valve, you need to first take it to a trained technician that can perform a diagnostic test to ensure the valve is the one behind the problem. There are so many ways you can carry out this diagnosis; you can either use a diagnostic tool to read the error codes that are stored in the car or do a visual inspection on the EGR valve and its related components.
  • EGR Valve Removal: If the EGR valve has been detected as faulty, the next thing is the removal of the valve from the engine bay. To remove the valve you might have to first disconnect the electrical connectors, the vacuum hoses, and the bolts that hold the valve in firmly place.
  • Cleaning or Replacement: A faulty valve can be repaired or replaced depending on how mild or severe the problem is. If the valve is badly worn or damaged, you may need to do a replacement with a new valve or a reworked valve.
  • Testing: After the fresh EGR valve installation, the technician will conduct a series of checks to make sure that it is functioning appropriately. You can use a test drive to observe the engine performance and emission levels or make use of diagnostic tools to be sure that the EGR system works the way it was meant to.

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