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Bavarian Performance Specialists Recommends &
a Trusted Installation Partner of TireRack

After making your selection at You can have your items sent to Bavarian Performance Specialists for expert installation. As a Trusted installation partner, we understand the need for a tire that performs under all driving conditions. A properly performing tire starts with a proper installation. At Bavarian Performance Specialists we go above and beyond the call of duty when installing tires on your vehicle. We Completely clean the inside and out of the wheels surface, we also prep the mounting surface on the wheel itself and the hub assembly to ensure a flush and stable installation of the wheel assembly. This all comes before we mount and balance the new tires to your wheels, unlike the local tire shops that just slap a tire on and send you out the door.

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Feel free to give us a call for any help with identifying the proper replacement, or upgrade parts and tires for your vehicle.

These photos depict how we clean and prep all wheels, brake discs (while the wheels are off of car) and clean the backside of the wheels, so as to properly bolt up flatly to the freshly cleaned brake disc mounting area, thereby insuring a flat tire / wheel, assembly, so as to run true on the car.

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