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Thousand Oaks’ German Auto Suspension Repair

German Auto Suspension Repair

The suspension in your car is the framework that holds it upright and connects it to the road. The tires, shocks, springs, struts, steering, and chassis all work to provide structure and comfort as you drive. These parts degrade over time and replacing or repairing them is part of responsible automobile ownership.

The components of your suspension can also wear down at different intervals. This is why having a trusted mechanic to properly diagnose the problem is important. At Bavarian Performance Specialists, we will diagnose and repair your suspension problems quickly and affordably.

Important Components of Your Suspension

  • Springs compress and expand to help absorb bumps and dips in the road.
  • Shock absorbers: When a spring compresses, it will decompress uncontrollably. Shock absorbers dampen the motion of coiled springs and mitigates the bumps you would otherwise feel in the cabin.
  • Struts have multiple components that also absorb some of the motion from springs, but they also provide structure to the framework of your car and tires.
  • Sway bars provide extra stability from motion to keep your car grounded to the road.

Your German car can have front or rear suspension, and sports cars can utilize other types as well. We typically see a need for suspension repairs around 50,000 miles, unless unexpected damage has occurred from a collision or from hitting road debris.

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Our certified technicians understand the ins & outs of each make & model and will always work with you to make sure your car’s suspension is properly taken care of, no matter what it needs.

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