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Mercedes Engine Misfire

Reasons Behind Mercedes Engine Misfires in Thousand Oaks

by Bavarian Performance Specialists May 21, 2019

Engine misfire can be a very scary thing. When the engine stops working, the vehicle cannot accelerate and get out of the way of other cars or trucks. This can be very dangerous, especially on the highway. Perhaps even more …

Porsche 911 GT3

Common IMS Bearing Issues for Porsches in Thousand Oaks

by Bavarian Performance Specialists May 4, 2019

Porsche is known for being a leading luxury vehicle brand, and rightfully so. It outclasses many others in terms of speed, horsepower, and comfort while driving. When you buy one, you expect it to perform better than anything else you …

BMW 3 Series Ball Joint Failure

How to Deal With 3 Series Ball Joint Failure in Your BMW in Thousand Oaks

by Bavarian Performance Specialists April 17, 2019

The BMW brand is known for its sleek drive, sporty appeal, and state-of-the-art parts. The sporty feel mixed with luxurious amenities makes this brand an ideal choice for drivers all over the world.

In addition to being beautiful, the BMW …

Lady Enjoying Outside Car Sunroof

How to Deal with a Failing Sunroof in Your Car

by Bavarian Performance Specialists March 31, 2019

Comfort and convenience are some of the most important characteristics that many vehicle manufacturers are incorporating into their models. This is because the perfect car by any standards not only has to have excellent performance on the road but also …

Volkswagen Golf GTI

How to Deal With DME Communication Failure in Your Volkswagen

by Bavarian Performance Specialists March 14, 2019

The DME, or digital motor electronic, controls most of the functions within your Volkswagen’s engine. This component maximizes performance, reduces emissions, maintains reliability and keeps fuel consumption low. If you experience DME communication failure, you will …

Mercedes-Benz Loose Front End Steering

Does Your Mercedes-Benz Have Loose Front End Steering?

by Bavarian Performance Specialists February 25, 2019

You rely on your steering system to keep you on course and help you maneuver turns. If your Mercedes-Benz steering feels loose, you need to get it checked out right away. If your Mercedes-Benz steering is loose it can be …

Porsche Engine Overheating

Common Reasons for Porsche Engine Failure

by Bavarian Performance Specialists February 8, 2019

Porsches are luxury vehicles desired by many, so it makes sense that you want to avoid any and all problems once you have one. While regular maintenance can go a long way toward preventing problems, it also pays to know …

Volkswagen Exhaust Pipes

Malfunctioning Emission Systems in Volkswagens

by Bavarian Performance Specialists January 22, 2019

Understanding your emission control system in your vehicle is important because of the environmental impacts it has on the world around us. The system is designed to prevent the emission or discharge of certain gases into the atmosphere. Different components …

Car Gear Shifting Issue

Are You Having Trouble Changing Gears in Your Car?

by Bavarian Performance Specialists January 5, 2019

If you are having troubles when changing gears in your car, it is important that you get this issue checked out immediately. If not addressed quickly, it can cause further damage to your vehicle that can get increasingly more and …

BMW Fuel Injectors

Signs of a Damaged Fuel Injector in BMW

by Bavarian Performance Specialists December 19, 2018

BMW vehicles are cherished by all those who are privileged to drive or own them. They’re known for their impressive performance and high levels of endurance. However, it’s important to keep in mind that just like all other vehicles and …

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