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German Auto Transmission Maintenance for Thousand Oaks Drivers

German Auto Transmission Repair

The transmission in your car is responsible for converting the energy produced by your engine into motion that can propel your tires forward or backward. Your engine produces a certain amount of energy, but your car can require a little, a lot, or none of it, even though the engine is still running. The transmission utilizes many parts throughout your car to convert this energy into a wide range of output, from idling at a traffic light to emergency acceleration

Many car owners know some of the major components of their automatic or manual transmission, and most of them will need service as your car ages:

  • Clutch system
  • Torque converter
  • Planetary gear set
  • Hydraulic fluids, seals, and gaskets
  • Governor, vacuum modulator, and throttle cable
  • Onboard computer for automatic shifting

At Bavarian Performance Specialists, we make it easier for German auto owners throughout the Thousand Oaks area to take care of their car’s transmissions with service they can depend on.

Common Signs of a Failing Transmission:

  • Burning smell
  • Inability to stay in gear
  • Gear slipping
  • Odd noises when shifting

If you suspect your transmission is in need of service and are noticing these signs, make sure to bring your car in immediately before any further issues can arise. Our certified technicians have the tools & equipment needed to make sure your transmission is always properly maintained and any repairs needed can be done quickly & accurately. Backed by our 24-month/24,000-mile warranty, you can drive with confidence long after you’ve left our shop.

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Bavarian Performance Specialists, we are a step ahead of the rest by providing quality services to our neighbors in the Conejo Valley region since 1983. We are the most advanced auto garage in the area, conveniently located to proudly serve clients near Thousand Oaks:

If you think your transmission is slipping or with any questions for our staff, please call or visit our shop today to speak with a member of our team.

Servicing All Models of

No matter what make & model you drive, our technicians will always make sure your transmission is kept in perfect condition so the rest of your car can continue to perform at the level you depend on.

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