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Acura NSX

The Best Way to Deal With Battery Drain Problems in Your Acura

by Bavarian Performance Specialists November 6, 2020

Your Acura is a reliable vehicle that can be trusted to get you to and from your intended destinations. When properly maintained, you will get many years out of it.

One of the parts that can require special attention is …

Acura Geat Shift Issue

Get Your Acura’s Transmission Repaired at the Best Garage in Thousand Oaks

by Bavarian Performance Specialists June 11, 2020

Acura is known for its appealing mix of reliability, technology, and dependable functionality across the board. This makes Acura a practical alternative to many of the high-end European models without compromising on the quality or the visual appeal.

Acuras are …

Acura MDX

Acura Performance Tuning in Thousand Oaks

by Bavarian Performance Specialists January 11, 2020

Acuras are high-performance vehicles that are fun to drive, but you might want to make some alterations to improve its performance and speed. Performance tuning isn’t only for making your car faster and powerful. It also increases the strength of …

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