BMW Dashboard Lights

Top 5 Reasons BMW Dashboard Lights Act Up

By Bavarian Performance Specialists March 9, 2024

The BMW brand is synonymous with powerful performance and highly advanced features — meaning they are highly sought-after. When it comes to owning this luxury car, owners expect everything to work correctly. However, dashboard light issues have been reported in various BMW makes and models. From electrical wiring to faulty fuses and bulbs, there are several factors that cause these light malfunctions.

Causes of Dash Light Failure

1. Electrical Wiring Issues

Problems with the dashboard computer system are often caused by electrical wiring issues. The electrical system in your vehicle is connected to each other and to the battery of your car through a mesh of wires. If they become loose while driving or short circuit and fail completely, you’ll notice a variety of symptoms, such as:

  • Malfunctioning dashboard displays, anti-lock brake system (ABS), and traction control
  • Window and door lock problems
  • Blown fuses and bad plugs
  • Starter and alternator issues
  • Audio system glitches
  • Dead battery
  • Faulty sensors

The wires need to be secure in order for them to work properly. When diagnosing the issue, check your electrical connections to see if they’re impacting the function of the dashboard lights.

2. Faulty Fuse

If the wiring itself is completely fine, you’re most likely dealing with a blown or faulty fuse. This critical part of your dashboard is intended to protect its components by disconnecting the electric supply when there’s an excess flow of charges. If it can’t, certain electrical elements will stop working and you may have trouble getting your car to start. After checking your electrical wires, ensure all your fuses are intact and working correctly.

3. Bad Dash Light Bulbs

Sometimes, it has nothing to do with complex wiring or fuses and is the simple result of bad bulbs. Even though these LED bulbs are meant to last your car’s lifetime, you might experience the lights bulbs dim or go out completely. Dark spots on your dash where lights should be indicate that the light bulb has burned out. The best way to deal with this is to simply replace the burned-out light bulb on your dashboard. If you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself, we’re more than happy to help!

4. Malfunctioning Dimmer Switch

Upon inspection, if you find that all electrical units are in perfect condition but the dashboard lights are still not working, then inspect the dimmer switch of your car. In every BMW, there’s a dimmer switch that controls the illumination of the dashboard [to some extent]. This feature allows you to adjust the brightness of your the lights. When it stops working, your lights may start acting strange.

5. Taillight Failure

Last but not least, if you’re still experiencing lighting issues after confirming everything above works, check your taillight. Since the taillight and dashboard light share the same circuit board and fuse, they are directly linked. When the taillight fails due to a short circuit, the dashboard light also fails. If this is the case, have your wiring reexamined professionally to ensure everything is secured.

How Does It Affect Your Car?

Issues with dashboard functioning can adversely affect the way you drive your BMW. It displays crucial information to help you drive safe and aware. Malfunctioning lights lose vital information and cause issues to go under the radar. When these issues are ignored, it often takes a turn for the worse — leading to further damage and costly repairs. Don’t stress! Contact our certified BMW specialists to sort out any dashboard light issues.

Bavarian Performance Specialist At Your Service

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