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Car Abnormal Engine Behavior

Common Problems Affecting the Sensors in Your Car

by Bavarian Performance Specialists July 15, 2023

Sensors are essential parts of contemporary automobiles, acting as the system’s eyes and ears to ensure the best performance and safety. They are in charge of spotting and keeping an eye on vital indicators including speed, temperature, pressure

Lady Enjoying Outside Car Sunroof

How to Deal with a Failing Sunroof in Your Car

by Bavarian Performance Specialists March 31, 2019

Comfort and convenience are some of the most important characteristics that many vehicle manufacturers are incorporating into their models. This is because the perfect car by any standards not only has to have excellent performance on the road but also …

Car Gear Shifting Issue

Are You Having Trouble Changing Gears in Your Car?

by Bavarian Performance Specialists January 5, 2019

If you are having troubles when changing gears in your car, it is important that you get this issue checked out immediately. If not addressed quickly, it can cause further damage to your vehicle that can get increasingly more and …

Car Vibrating While Driving

Why Does Your Car Vibrate While Braking?

by Bavarian Performance Specialists November 15, 2018

As a car owner, you expect your car to get you from place to place safely. You also probably expect a smooth ride. But what if your car was vibrating every time you used your brakes? Not only would …

Car Oil Leak

Possible Reasons for Your Car’s Oil Leak

by Bavarian Performance Specialists September 26, 2018

Any time a vehicle begins leaking fluid, it’s not a good sign. Whether it’s coolant, power-steering fluid, brake fluid, or transmission fluid, the problem needs to be addressed immediately to avoid serious performance and functionality issues. …

Mechanic Checking Drive Axle Boot

How to Know When to Replace Your Car’s Drive-Axle Boots

by Bavarian Performance Specialists March 20, 2018

Your car has many components that all serve various important functions. Whether you drive an imported luxury vehicle or a pickup truck, your car requires constant care and attention in order to run properly at all times. A part of …

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