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Car Vibrating While Driving

Why Does Your Car Vibrate While Braking?

by Bavarian Performance Specialists November 15, 2018

As a car owner, you expect your car to get you from place to place safely. You also probably expect a smooth ride. But what if your car was vibrating every time you used your brakes? Not only would …

Car Oil Leak

Possible Reasons for Your Car’s Oil Leak

by Bavarian Performance Specialists September 26, 2018

Any time a vehicle begins leaking fluid, it’s not a good sign. Whether it’s coolant, power-steering fluid, brake fluid, or transmission fluid, the problem needs to be addressed immediately to avoid serious performance and functionality issues. …

Mechanic Checking Drive Axle Boot

How to Know When to Replace Your Car’s Drive-Axle Boots

by Bavarian Performance Specialists March 20, 2018

Your car has many components that all serve various important functions. Whether you drive an imported luxury vehicle or a pickup truck, your car requires constant care and attention in order to run properly at all times. A part of …

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