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How to Deal with a Failing Sunroof in Your Car

By Bavarian Performance Specialists March 31, 2019

Comfort and convenience are some of the most important characteristics that many vehicle manufacturers are incorporating into their models. This is because the perfect car by any standards not only has to have excellent performance on the road but also provide the driver as well as passengers with the best amenities. This is part of the reason why many vehicle manufacturers have included sunroofs in the designs of their cars.

The Sunroof

A sunroof is a panel located on the roof of a car that can be moved to open and close as needed. The panel is usually made from a type of glass, depending on the car manufacturer’s preference, and it is controlled either manually or automatically in modern vehicle models.

Additionally, sunroofs come in a variety of designs and sizes that allow them to open up the cabin of the car to create either a small opening on the roof or pull back the entire roof. The purpose of having a sunroof is to open up the cabin to loads of fresh air as well as allowing the occupants in the car to enjoy good weather.

Causes of Sunroof Failure

Like the many other parts of the car, especially those that move, the sunroof is also prone to faults which can in turn cause them to fail. The most common cause of sunroof failure stems from extreme weather. The sunroof is made of fortified glass that can withstand the impact of small rocks, pebbles, as well as small branches.

However, when the glass is exposed to extreme heat followed by freezing low temperatures, the expansion and contraction brought on by the different temperatures can cause cracks to form in the glass. These cracks can be further aggravated by these weather changes and what follows will be a complete collapse of the sunroof. The rubber seal that prevents water from leaking into the cabin is also affected by weather conditions in the same fashion.

Dust from the air constantly finds its way into the crevices on the sunroof where they become deposited in between the rubber seal and the window, which can cause the normal operation of the sunroof can become impaired. This is because the dust deposits will prevent the panel from closing fully or opening. Failure of rubber seals can also be caused by wear of the rubber over time.

How to Prevent Sunroof Failure

The sunroof of your car requires good care to ensure that you continuously enjoy the sunshine and fresh air that it allows. The simplest way in which you can ensure that the sunroof of your car is functioning correctly is by taking the car for regular service. During this service, you should ask that the mechanic checks on the condition of every part of the car, including the sunroof.

Cleaning out the draining tubes that take water away from the sunroof will help alleviate the pressure on the sunroof and in the pipes that can cause cracks which lead to leaking in the cabin. By cleaning these parts out, the sunroof is able to glide back and forth without problems and is less likely to develop leaks.

What’s more, using the sunroof as instructed by the manufacturer will reduce chances of it getting stuck or developing mechanical problems. Forcing it open or closed will shorten its life further. Using the manufacturer recommended parts in the event that you need to replace the sunroof will also reduce the instances that will necessitate these replacements.

What to Do If Your Sunroof Fails

When the sunroof of your car fails, the next and only step that you should take is to take it into a professional auto repair shop. This will Car Sunroof prevent excessive dust and rain water from finding its way inside and damaging the upholstery of your car. Getting help from a reputable auto repairs shop and certified mechanics will help prevent future sunroof issues from coming up.

At Bavarian Performance Specialists, we are available to help fix the sunroof of your car and ensure that you keep enjoying the views. For residents of Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills, Westlake, Malibu and Newbury Park, CA all you need to do is give us call as soon as you notice an issue with your sunroof and we’ll take it from there.