Car Gear Shifting Issue

Are You Having Trouble Changing Gears in Your Car?

By Bavarian Performance Specialists January 5, 2019

If you are having troubles when changing gears in your car, it is important that you get this issue checked out immediately. If not addressed quickly, it can cause further damage to your vehicle that can get increasingly more and more pricey.

It is recommended that you get regular service performed on your vehicle and that you stay up to date on the services recommended in your owner’s manual. By doing so, your mechanic will be able to tell you if they start to notice any issues and can identify a problem before it becomes a larger, more expensive issue. In addition to just being a good practice, regular maintenance will definitely add to the life of your vehicle and will help prevent the value of your vehicle from decreasing over time.

Dragging Clutch

When your car is experiencing issues with gear shifting, it likely means that you are having issues with your car’s clutch. If your clutch starts to drag, it can be frustrating to you while driving and can further damage your vehicle.

If you are hearing grinding noises, that mean that you are wearing down the clutch even further, which should be avoided. Sometimes when you hear the gears grinding it is related to human error, or simply that you are riding the clutch. Again, this should be avoided, but if it happens on occasion it is not the end of the world.

However, if you are sure you are driving properly and yet you still hear grinding sounds, this could mean that you have an issue with the clutch itself, and that it is not functioning properly. You may notice a slight delay when it comes to gear shifting.

When dealing with shifting issues, it could mean that your car is having issues with the gear synchronizers or it could mean that your clutch is worn out. Other possible causes include low transmission fluid or a transmission fluid leak. It could also be that the technology used to shift gears needs to be updated. There are many possible causes for problem with shifting.

What Causes Problems with Changing Gears?

Of course, depending on if your vehicle is automatic or manual will indicate some of the problems that may cause problems when shifting gears. If your vehicle is an automatic, the causes of your gear issues could stem from something like a mechanical issue, or it could be a mechanical issue. Since an automatic does the shifting for you, if you begin to notice any weird sounds, it might be a wise idea to take your vehicle in for inspection and a diagnosis.

In many modern vehicles, the shifting system is electronically monitored, so if you are dealing with a problem in changing gears, the likely cause may be an electrical issue or an issue with the wiring. If there is something wrong with the sensors, it can certainly impact how your transmission is functioning.

In most older cars the shifting system is monitored through your vehicle’s throttle cable. If you are having issues shifting gears, it may mean that your vehicle’s throttle cable will need to be adjusted. However, this issue is extremely rare because it is very difficult to have your throttle cable come out of alignment.

Depending on the year and transmission type of your vehicle, there could be many causes for your cars shifting issues. Having a trusted mechanic who is familiar working on your type of car will help in the diagnosis of the issue.

Car Mechanic

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