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3121 Thousand Oaks Blvd. #1
Thousand Oaks, CA 91362
Vertical Bar 805-495-3191

Over 35 years of Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, & Volkswagen Oil Change & Leak Experience At Your Service.

German Auto Oil Change

One of the most important services for your vehicle is also one of the most often overlooked. Routine oil changes may seem like a minor service but pushing your car past the recommended intervals can be extremely hazardous. Driving past recommended intervals and extending the time between oil changes can lead to issues like engine seizure. If this happens, that $50 oil change is now $1000s to repair your engine or find a new car. Instead, see why so many German car owners turn to the experts at Bavarian Performance Specialists. For years we’ve made it easier and more convenient for Thousand Oaks drivers to stay on top of their car’s oil changes.

Quality Service for Your Brand

At Bavarian Performance Specialists we have decades of experience working with German brands. We use all the latest materials to ensure your car’s oil change is exactly to manufacturer specifications. This allows us to offer oil change services for the area’s most popular German brands:

Bavarian Performance Specialists provides your car with superior services that emphasizes your experience.

Comprehensive Service Big or Small

When you visit Bavarian Performance Specialists for any service you are guaranteed quality that you can trust. With each oil change that we perform your vehicle will receive:

  • Manufacturer grade replacement oil and filters
  • Diagnostic inspection and troubleshooting
  • Proper disposal of old oil without additional fees

We guarantee our services with a nationwide 3-year/36,000-mile warranty!

Benefits of Annual Oil Changes

Sticking with your car’s recommended intervals for service has many benefits including:

  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • Reduced emissions
  • Improved engine performance
  • Reduced engine dirt/debris build-up
  • Increased engine health

If getting your oil changed seems like a hassle, imagine the problems that your suddenly seized car can have.

Call or Visit Our Shop Today

For over 35 years Bavarian Performance Specialists has helped drivers throughout Thousand Oaks. We’re also the go-to shop for oil change services for drivers from:

If your car is due for an oil change, don’t put it off any longer. Instead, call or visit our shop today to schedule an appointment with one of our expert mechanics.


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