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What Happens When a Pressure Accumulator Fails in a Porsche?

By Bavarian Performance Specialists August 27, 2021

Pressure accumulators are important parts in Porsche vehicles. They affect the performance and power of the vehicle, among other factors. There are several accumulators in your car, and they are composed of chambers, valves, hydraulic lines, pistons and pumps.

Pressure accumulators help to keep critical components running in the car, such as the air conditioner and the suspension. They also provide fluid pressure for the brakes, the fuel system, acceleration and more. These necessary systems of your Porsche can begin to fail or suffer various issues when its hydraulic pressure accumulator fails to function properly.

When a pressure accumulator fails, this can negatively impact the driving experience by also reducing performance and creating a rougher ride for the car’s occupants. Because of this, it’s important to know what happens when a pressure accumulator fails in a Porsche vehicle.

Consequences of a Pressure Accumulator Failure

Below are the results of a failed pressure accumulator:

  • Unresponsive braking: If you are driving and your brakes aren’t working as well to stop your vehicle, you may have a pressure accumulator issue that is causing the braking to be more difficult.
  • Weak air conditioning: The air conditioner uses hydraulic pressure to function. If the pressure becomes decreased, the air conditioner’s air flow will become reduced. This means the cooled air will not effectively circulate throughout the car’s cabin.
  • Rougher bumps and shakes while driving on the road: Hydraulic pressure is also used for a Porsche’s suspension. When a pressure accumulator fails, the suspension is not going to work as well, and it will cause more bumps and a more unpleasant driving experience for the car’s occupants.
  • Check engine and brake warning lights appear on the dashboard: A failing pressure accumulator can cause the check engine and brake lights to flash on your dashboard. These will indicate that the car requires repair to operate normally.

Common Reasons for Failure

The pressure accumulator is subject to wear and tear from road debris and general use of the vehicle. A hole or tear in the accumulator is a common reason for the part failure. Once the part fails, the car becomes unable to generate enough pressure for its components. The leak will cause the part to fail, because proper pressure is unattainable.

It is recommended to bring the vehicle to a professional to have it fixed, given the complexity of accessing the part in various places in some brands. Accumulators are delicate and easy to damage, which is another reason to have your car serviced at a repair shop by an expert mechanic in your Porsche brand. It is not recommended to fix or replace this part by oneself.

Prevention of Pressure Accumulator Breakdown

There are several ways to try to prevent pressure accumulator failure.

  • Run the air conditioner regularly: Using the A/C once a week, even in the winter, can help keep the pressure accumulator working properly.
  • Keep the tires properly inflated: Tire inflation impacts how much stress is put on a car’s suspension system. To keep stress to a minimum, keep your tires inflated and check the pressure regularly to help with the accumulator’s lifespan.
  • Use the brakes in a moderate or light fashion whenever possible: When one slams on their brakes, the extra force demanded wears out both the brakes and the accumulator. Keeping the heavy braking to a minimum will help to make the accumulator last longer.

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