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The Best Repair Shop in Thousand Oaks For Fixing a PCV Valve Failure in Your BMW

By Bavarian Performance Specialists January 26, 2021

BMW is designed for quality performance and superior comfortability. Thus, it requires regular maintenance and appointments with experts to ensure you are driving safely and with the utmost comfort you deserve.

A PCV valve is in charge of releasing unburned fuel and oils back for intake into the engine, preventing a buildup of pressure and sludge in the engine. It acts as a vacuum that maintains a clean internal machinery and environment. It requires routine maintenance by experts to avoid failure. PCV valve failure can lead to more severe performance issues with your BMW.

It is necessary to schedule routine maintenance appointments to check the PCV valve in your BMW. The parts of an engine can also deteriorate naturally with time and use. Early inspection and regular appointments can help you avoid larger problems surrounding your PCV valve and connected engine components.

In this article, we will summarise the signs of PCV valve failure and what next steps to take to ensure your BMW’s high quality performance and comfort are maintained.

Engine Light Signal

The first and most obvious signal that something is wrong with your car is the engine light signal. If your PCV valve is faulty, the engine light may come on to signal this. This light is triggered if the engine is not receiving the proper mixture input of unburned materials.

If your BMW’s engine light is on, PCV valve failure could be among your considerations and it is advised to seek attention from a professional to ensure any damage or faults do not escalate.

Difficulty Starting Your Engine

The engine must receive a correct mixture of unburned fuel and air to start. If the PCV valve is stuck in an open position, there is too much air in this mixture for the engine to properly start. Therefore, a roughness when starting your engine because of misfiring can be a consequence. Additionally, you may experience a rough idle due to the same causes. If the engine continues to try and run on incorrect mixtures, it could endanger you and others on the road.

Increased Fuel Usage

If a PCV valve is stuck in a closed position or “clogged”, problems also occur. Now the mixture is too rich in fuel and not enough air. The engine will try to compensate by using up more fuel. This also increases pressure in the engine which could worsen, leading to a smoking engine that contributes to air pollution. To avoid even further severe symptoms, it is important to regularly meet with an expert to inspect your BMW to maintain its comfort and reliability.

Leaking Oil

Oil leaks are not to be taken lightly and are a sure sign something is wrong with the car. Oil leaks can also be attributed to a clogged PCV valve. This can be paired with the buildup of sludge in the engine that will ultimately damage its performance. Trusted BMW experts at auto repair services can deal with this using the best diagnostic tools to fix this problem.

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