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Reasons for Metal Shavings in the Oil of Your Porsche

By Bavarian Performance Specialists September 19, 2020

The appeal of a Porsche is the amazingly smooth ride while providing exceptional performance and handling. When this elite driving performance is compromised by metal shavings in your oil, it can be very frustrating for a Porsche owner.

Metal shavings in your oil affects more than just how the drive feels. Contaminated oil can also compromise your Porsche’s safety. When an issue causes the safety of your vehicle to be put at risk, it is important to take your car into the shop at your earliest convenience. Returning your oil to a clean status can get you back to enjoying the drive and driving safely.

Let’s discuss how metal shavings can get into your oil, how to diagnose the problem, and where you can go to have your Porsche serviced. By understanding this issue, you may be apt to catch the issue before it becomes a major engine problem.

Metal Shavings Contaminating Your Oil

There are a few ways in which metal shavings could have entered your Porsche’s oil. Regardless of the way they entered, however, it is still a contaminant that prevents your oil from running smoothly. They can also cause major issues with your engine.

The main way metal shavings end up in oil is rather simple. The longer old oil sits unchanged in your car, the more oil thickens and turns to sludge. This oil buildup begins to take a toll on the engine parts, which leads to wear and tear of the metal parts. These leave behind metal shavings in the oil. All of this will start to negatively affect your Porsche’s engine and cause costly damage for you.

Ways to Recognize that Your Oil has been Contaminated

When your car is having a problem, it will communicate to you in a number of ways from mechanical to electrical, including your dashboard warning system:

Rough idling

Rough idling is when your car is vibrating and/or shaking while idling. This is indicative of dirty oil preventing your Porsche’s engine from running smoothly at idle.

Decreased power

If you notice that your Porsche is unable to reach top speed on demand, it can be a sign that the engine isn’t firing normally due to contaminated oil.

Illumination of the check engine light

When dirty oil begins to affect your engine’s ability to function, the check engine light may turn on. It is important to take your car to a specialist to diagnose this warning and make necessary repairs.

Engine ticking noises

If your oil is not flowing from point A to point B due to contamination, it can cause the engine to make a ticking sound. Noises in your engine compartment are always cause for professional investigation at a trusted garage.

Upon noticing any of the above signs it is crucial that you take your Porsche into the shop at your earliest convenience. The longer you wait to fix this issue, the higher risk of further internal damage.

Preventing Metal Shavings in Your Oil

The best way to prevent an oil contamination issue from taking a toll on your car is to simply keep up with regular maintenance. Regular oil changes, depending on mileage and motor, can keep your oil in tip-top shape, preventing wear and tear of parts and eliminating the risk of metal shavings entering your Porsche’s oil.

Bavarian Performance Specialists Can Service Your Porsche

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