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Reasons for Erratic Lights Illuminated on your Audi’s Dashboard

By Bavarian Performance Specialists April 3, 2021

Audi is responsible for luxury cars with a highly sought after performance. However, if your Audi is experiencing erratic lights, then you will want to take it in to be serviced immediately. Erratic lights will not only affect your ability to drive safely, but it could indicate that other features of your vehicle may be malfunctioning and need maintenance before it worsens the overall quality of your Audi vehicle.

What are erratic lights?

Erratic lights are when any of your vehicle’s lights begin to flicker, pulse, remain on or remain off. This can occur to any lights in your vehicle including:

  • interior lights (e.g. dashboard, screen display, or overhead cabin light)
  • taillights
  • headlights
  • low beams
  • brake lights

Reasons Why the Lights on Your Audi May be Erratic

If your Audi has erratic dashboard lights, the issue may be linked to any of the following:

  • Alternator: The vehicle’s alternator is responsible for the power necessary for the vehicle’s electrical system when the vehicle is in operation. The electrical system includes the vehicle’s lights. If the lights are erratic, then the alternator may be worn out and need to be replaced.
  • Vehicle’s Electrical System: If there is faulty wiring, such as a bad connection between the bulb and the vehicle’s battery or alternator, then the lights may be erratic. Additionally, if the vehicle has any malfunctioning or faulty fuses, then the lights may also become erratic.
  • Faulty Bulbs: The lights in your vehicle’s dashboard are lit by bulbs. If any of these bulbs are faulty or malfunctioning, then your vehicle may experience erratic lights.

What Could Happen if Your Dashboard Lights are Erratic

If your Audi vehicle’s dashboard lights are erratic, then you will be unable to properly diagnose certain issues that are indicated by the dashboard lights. Some of these important dashboard warning lights include:

  • Brake light indicating problems with the brake fuel or brake booster which can affect your vehicle’s ability to brake properly.
  • Coolant temperature warning which indicates the coolant and engine are overheating. This could be the result of a coolant leak, faulty radiator cap, or malfunctioning fans. Overheating can destroy your vehicle’s engine, so it is important for your dashboard light to be able to properly warn you of this issue.
  • Oil light indicates when your vehicle’s engine is low on oil and needs oil added immediately. Without oil, your vehicle’s engine may begin to grind, seize up, and be destroyed.
  • The electrical system light which indicates a malfunction in the electrical system which could affect other parts of the vehicle which are powered by the vehicle’s electrical system.
  • Failed exterior lights (e.g. taillights, headlights, or brake lights) which could be erratic simultaneously with the dashboard lights, and affect your safety while driving.

All of these lights and others typically encourage you to pull over and seek maintenance immediately because they indicate an issue with your car that makes it unsafe to drive. If your dashboard lights are erratic, they may not come on at all to indicate these issues to you, or they may flash or be stuck on, causing you to be less likely to trust their warnings when they are valid. It is important to make sure your dashboard lights are functioning correctly to ensure you are warned properly of any dangerous issues your vehicle may be experiencing.

In addition to the necessary warning lights, if the erratic lights are caused by a faulty alternator, it could affect your vehicle’s battery and overall performance. The alternator is responsible for the power sending electrical currents through the vehicle’s electrical system during operation, as well as charging the vehicle’s battery.

When it is not working properly, the vehicle draws that power from the battery. If the battery is being used during operation and not being charged properly, then it can become drained, causing it to wear out quickly and need a replacement.

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