Mercedes Oil Pressure Light

Reasons for an Oil Pressure Switch Failure in a Mercedes by Expert Mechanics in Thousand Oaks

By Bavarian Performance Specialists June 25, 2022

The engine oil in your Mercedes needs to be under the proper pressure to circulate throughout your engine. Oil is critical for keeping moving parts lubricated. When the oil doesn’t have the appropriate pressure, it will not be delivered as designed by Mercedes engineers. This leads to friction between engine components and can cause permanent engine damage, leading to an expensive engine rebuild.

The oil pressure switch monitors the oil level and the exact pressure. When there is a problem, it alerts the driver through the dashboard oil warning light.

Replacing the Oil Pressure Switch

If your oil pressure switch becomes faulty, it needs to be replaced. If your oil pressure drops, your warning indicators on your dashboard will alert you right away. This gives you the opportunity to get your car off the road safely before more damage is incurred. You can call for a tow. Let’s talk about symptoms to look for to prevent this from happening.

Symptoms of oil pressure switch failure in Mercedes

When your Mercedes experiences an oil pressure switch failure, you may notice these symptoms:

  • The oil pressure light on your dashboard: When your car’s oil level is low, you’ll notice that the oil level light becomes illuminated. Ordinarily, increasing the oil level should turn off the light. However, if it doesn’t go off, this could be an indication of something wrong with the oil pressure switch.
  • Unusual sounds from the engine: Being attentive to the sounds coming from your engine can help you identify symptoms of different issues with your Mercedes. For example, if you hear the engine making ticking or grinding sounds, it may indicate an oil switch failure. It is advisable to have the oil pressure checked by our Mercedes professionals immediately. These sounds usually mean that your engine is suffering, and if left unattended, it can lead to expensive repairs and replacements.
  • The oil pressure light is blinking: Apart from the illuminated oil level light, the light can also start blinking to indicate that the oil pressure switch is failing and this is an acute problem. More often than not, when the oil level light is on, the oil pressure switch is in distress but not in total failure. The best action to take when you notice the blinking is to have it fixed immediately. Delay could incur more repair costs and damage to your engine.
  • Erratic oil pressure gauge readings: The oil pressure gauge can display erratic readings when the oil pressure switch starts failing. You will notice that the gauge reading will go from very high to very low in a short time. Check the oil level in the engine and top it up if it’s low. If the gauge doesn’t give regular readings after that, you’ll need to visit our shop for an inspection and possible switch replacement.
  • Check engine light is on: The oil pressure switch is a critical part of the engine, so whenever it experiences a fault, the check engine light will come on. However, the illumination of the check engine light is not always proof of a faulty oil pressure switch. Other engine problems can be the cause. Oftentimes, the check engine light is triggered by several factors, including a failed oil pressure switch. Contact our certified Mercedes mechanics for a proper inspection and diagnosis of the root problem.

Like with many Mercedes issues, regular maintenance can help prevent these issues before they appear and identify them before they become a problem for you. A vehicle that undergoes routine checks by experts is less likely to experience issues with the oil pressure switch.

Bavarian Performance Specialists: Expert Repair of Your Oil Pressure Switch Problems

When your Mercedes develops an Mercedes Oil Pressure Switch Repairoil pressure switch failure, your best bet is to have it repaired by the best specialist available. At Bavarian Performance Specialists, our experts are certified with over 35 years of experience rending premium auto repair services to our customers.

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