Volkswagen Air Conditioning Issue

Why There is No Cold Air From Your VW’s AC

By Bavarian Performance Specialists January 12, 2023

As we get away from the winter months and head towards the summer season, the temperature begins to rise and the humidity increases. It becomes important that the air conditioner in your VW is working its best. If you turn on your AC but have to wait for cold air, or you get nothing but a lukewarm breeze, it may mean your air conditioning system has a problem. Now is the time to fix it, before you’re left sweating in your car in traffic.

A car’s air conditioner has several components that work together to provide cool air. The system relies on two elements, refrigerant and air. Refrigerant circulates through the air conditioner, absorbing the heat from the air while air is drawn into the condenser through the blower fan. The condenser then compresses and cools the air before it reaches the evaporator where it is brought to its desired temperature. Finally, air passes through an air filter where dust and debris are removed before being distributed inside of the car by air vents or ducts. An air conditioner in a car requires all these pieces working together for successful operation, and when breaks, you want it repaired quickly and affordably.

Let’s dive deeper and learn about the most prevalent causes of no cold air from your AC and where to go if you want a solution to your AC problem.

Condenser Fan Failure

The very first thing you need to check when trying to figure out why your VW automobile air conditioner isn’t blowing cold air is the condenser fan. If the fan is broken or unable to operate at full capacity, it will not be able to cool the heat generated by the refrigerant passing through the car’s condenser.

If your car is running at a very high speed, you may not need the cooling fan to cool the condenser since there is enough air moving through it. However, when your car is idling at a light or stationary, the AC will solely rely on the cooling fan to remove heat from the system.

If the cooling fan does not perform as designed, your AC will not blow cold air. You should allow our trusted mechanics to check the functionality of the condenser fan. This will ensure you have comfortable driving conditions during the summer. Our technician will check if your fan’s connection is tight and if it is sitting properly on the slot. We will also check if any other damage has been done to the fan.

Low Level of Freon

Freon is a brand name of liquid or gas refrigerant used to cool the air around you. Freon can become depleted over time and use of your AC unit. When it falls below the lowest acceptable level for your VW, your air conditioner ceases to deliver cold air because it’s out of refrigerant.

The probable cause of low Freon levels in your VW is a leaking AC condenser. Normal wear and tear over time can cause cracking or breaking of the condenser tubes and seals. Road debris or pebbles hitting the undercarriage of your car and damaging the condenser is another way the Freon can leak. The condenser is placed toward the front of your VW. Since the AC system relies on the refrigerant to function properly and cool you off, a leak in the condenser might result in failure to cool you off on demand.

Condenser leaks are typically invisible to the naked eye. If you look closely, you may notice a small puncture. It may be possible for our mechanics to replace the Freon, repair a puncture, or replace any cracked or broken lines. It is possible that the entire condenser unit needs replacement.

Allow Our Experts at Bavarian Performance Specialists Fix Your AC

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