Why is it Crucial to Make a Quick Fix to a Faulty DSC in Your BMW?

By Bavarian Performance Specialists October 16, 2021

BMW is well known for creating high performing, luxurious vehicles. While high quality, they are not invincible and are subject to regular wear. Additionally, modern BMWs (as well as many vehicles) come equipped with advanced systems to improve not only the driving experience but also the safety. These systems rely on mechanical and electronic components which can break or suffer malfunctions. One such system is the Dynamic Stability Control, or DSC.

DSC uses multiple sensors to improve handling of the vehicle. It helps to prevent loss of traction in many instances, helping you stay planted on the road and out of trouble. It does this by monitoring the speed of each of the four wheels on their own, along with other factors such as acceleration and angle. When loss of traction occurs (such as in oversteer), or when the car will not turn in as much as you are trying to (such as in understeer), the DSC system intervenes with a variety of methods, including eliminating fuel delivery temporarily or applying the brakes at different pressures on one or more of the wheels.

As can be gleaned from the above description of how DSC works, it is a system that needs to be working properly in order to ensure maximum performance and safety. So how can you ensure your DSC is intact and whether it needs service? Let’s discuss signs of trouble with the DSC and what ought to be done about it.

BMW’s DSC Signs/Causes of Malfunction

An illuminated DSC or ABS light on the dashboard is perhaps the most obvious sign of trouble, indicating immediate service needed. The system also uses sensors from the ABS system, so if the ABS light appears, it is important to also consider the integrity of DSC as well. Further, if brake fluid is too low, this can cause the ABS light to illuminate and interfere with the function of the DSC system as well.

Some possible causes of malfunction could be failing sensors (such as the speed, brake, or adjustment sensors). The hard part is determining which sensor is not working properly, which is one good reason to take your BMW to a local shop of experts who can help figure out which sensor is failing.

Sometimes the problem is not the sensor itself but the connection to it. Wires can be damaged or corroded, which can cause them to be inactive. In line with this, the wiring in the car’s battery ought to be examined as well. The battery obviously provides the energy source for your BMW, so problems with the battery itself can lead to issues with DSC. This can include something as simple as the battery being low on voltage (which, barring other issues causing a loss of voltage such as trouble with the alternator, can be easily remedied with a battery replacement), or corrosion in the battery’s wiring/on their posts.

Note that working with electrical systems without proper training and equipment can be dangerous, so it is best to leave such delicate work to those who have been trained and know how to safely assess and service a car’s electrical systems.

Although the list of possible causes for DSC failure is not long, there are multiple possibilities of where the problem is due to several sensors and wires being involved. To reduce the headache of trying to solve this problem, it is best to go to a specialized shop with expertise in BMWs.

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