Audi Engine Misfiring

Why Does Engine Misfiring Occur in Your Audi?

By Bavarian Performance Specialists July 25, 2018

Why your Audi is especially at risk of engine misfiring

Engine misfiring can occur in any car that experiences any of the following issues explained in this article. Although, Audi drivers have reported engine misfiring more commonly than other European import drivers, which makes it an important issue to be aware of and to take measures to avoid if possible in your own Audi. Audi engine misfiring is likely due to a design or engineering deficit, as it is not unique to any specific model or year Audi.

What is engine misfiring?

Engine misfiring is often frightening to drivers, as it usually occurs unexpectedly or “out of the blue.” When an engine misfires, there is a malfunction and error occurring between the spark plug or other ignition components, the fuel system, and the air intake. Usually engine misfiring is a result of the fuel-to-air ratio being unable to ignite for one reason or another involving one of the aforementioned systems. Engine misfiring usually is reported as feeling like a jerking or bucking when attempting to increase the engine power as you accelerate. It may also be described as engine hesitation upon gear shifting.

Accompanying warning signs

Engine misfiring rarely occurs as an isolated symptom – usually other symptoms accompany engine misfiring or at least lead up to it. It’s important to remain aware of all of the symptoms your Audi is displaying so that your trusted automotive specialist can accurately diagnose the issue. Here’s a few other symptoms that commonly occur alongside engine misfiring:

Poor emission control

If engine misfiring continues without intervention or treatment, it can lead to poor emission control. In older Audi models, if you’ve experienced engine misfiring it may be difficult to pass an emissions test. This combination of symptoms is often traced back to an issue with the air intake system.

Check-engine warning light comes on

The check-engine light is usually dreaded by all drivers, as it commonly indicates a more serious performance issue. The check-engine light can be helpful for diagnosing the source of your engine misfiring issues.

Poor gas mileage

Engine misfiring could indicate that there’s a problem with the fuel system, especially if you notice any specific changes in your Audi’s gas mileage. It’s a good rule of thumb to keep an eye on how your car’s gas mileage changes over time, as it can indicate performance problems that need addressing.

Performance changes

Besides engine misfiring, it is common to experience other performance issues like stalling or engine surging.

Other issues that could be causing engine misfiring

As we mentioned before, engine misfiring is usually attributed to an issue with a component related to the ignition, such as the spark plugs, the fuel system, such as the EGR valve, or the engine timing components, like the timing belt or chain. Here’s more specifics:

  • Ignition failure – your Audi specialist should check out your ignition coils’ and spark plugs’ functioning.
  • Fuel system component failure – fuel injectors, fuel filters, and EGR valves can become worn out over time or clogged and require replacement.
  • Engine timing deficit – timing belts and timing chains must be properly aligned, otherwise they could lead to engine misfiring.

What you can do to address and/or prevent engine misfiring

If you own or drive an Audi, it’s important to know what to look for when engine misfiring occurs; however, it’s more efficient to take a preventive approach to automotive care. Here’s what you can do to help prevent engine misfiring from occurring in your own Audi:

  • Hire a shop that specializes in Audi servicing and repair
  • Perform a thorough diagnostic procedure
  • Stay on top of routine maintenance
  • Perform routine inspections

The Audi experts here at Bavarian Performance Specialists have Audi Cars at Service Center addressed engine misfiring in many different models of Audi vehicles. It is always our mission to prevent performance issues in our clients’ cars, and our honest preventive approach is one of the aspects of our business that sets us apart. Our first priority is always performing an accurate diagnosis. If you own or drive an Audi in the areas of Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills, Westlake, Malibu, and Newbury Park, CA, and have recently experienced engine misfiring, please contact us today for specialized, quality automotive care.

* Audi Cars at Service Center image credit goes to: huettenhoelscher.