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By Bavarian Performance Specialists March 1, 2022

Paying close attention to your BMW and adequate maintenance is one way of preserving its optimal performance. Some problems could arise in your BMW, and if immediate action is not taken to rectify such a problem, it could result in further damage to your vehicle. A damaged alternator seal is one problem that requires immediate attention.

Some particular BMW models are known to develop issues with their alternator seals. The alternator seal keeps the bracket that holds the alternator in place and protects the alternator from leaking fluids. Where the alternator seal is damaged, it could result in several damages to your BMW.

The Alternator Seal

The alternator seal is located between the alternator, the bracket, and the engine. The seal was designed to keep oil within your engine’s system. If the bracket seal is damaged, it will result in an oil leak, which poses a threat to your engine. Even though a minor leak may not appear to be a significant problem, it is important to repair or replace the seal. Oil leaks can damage other parts, causing more problems.

Causes of Alternator Seal Failure in BMWs

Like most car components, the alternator seal is susceptible to wear and tear. As time passes, the alternator seal could become dry and begin to crack, therefore causing oil leaks. While a failing alternator seal is a common problem with various BMW models, using a quality replacement for the alternator bracket seal might prevent this issue. The easiest method to avoid a damaged seal is to have your vehicle inspected and maintained regularly.

Symptoms of a Failed Alternator Seal

  • Dead Battery: Once the oil gets into the alternator, it hinders its proper functioning. The alternator may be unable to generate enough power to charge the battery causing the battery to run flat. Although a dead battery could have resulted from an old battery or forgetting to switch off electrical units, a faulty alternator could also be the cause.
  • Check Engine Prompt: Mostly the check engine light comes on for various problems. A faulty or damaged alternator seal is one of the problems that could trigger the check engine light to illuminate. When the alternator stops functioning, the engine is also affected.
  • Overheating: Since the oil is meant to lubricate the moving parts in the engine, a shortage of oil in the event of oil leaks from the alternator seal causes friction, and consequently, the engine overheats. Therefore, you should pay attention to any sign of oil leak you notice in your BMW so it can be rectified before it causes extensive damage.
  • Oil Residue: An oil leak is one of the most disregarded signs by car owners. However, oil leaks are very important signs which demand immediate attention. Oil leaks may occur in different colors and could leak from different engine parts, regardless of which calls for a remedy. You can notice an oil leak through a bluish smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe or a burning smell if it leaks on heated parts.
  • Electrical Fluctuations: Once oil gets into the alternator, electrical operations fluctuate or fail. The alternator is the component that produces electrical power. It is also responsible for controlling other parts such as the wipers, and air conditioners.

Bavarian Performance Specialist for your European Car

As a BMW owner, you will experience oil leaks from your vehicle at some point. However, early detection BMW Alternator Seal Check would save you from spending money on costly repairs. While oil leaks are a recurring problem in various BMW models, you should not attempt fixing it yourself. You risk compounding the problem if you make an error. Fixing an alternator seal requires an experienced mechanic since it entails taking off several complex components.

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