Mercedes MAF Sensor

Signs of Mass Airflow Failure in Your Mercedes

By Bavarian Performance Specialists May 10, 2020

Mercedes-Benz is one of the most well-known, high-end vehicle manufacturers in the world. Impeccably designed and built for performance and comfort, Mercedes is the epitome of class and vehicular sensuality.

So, when your Mercedes ceases to work perfectly, especially if it’s a well-maintained vehicle, it can be an upsetting experience. Unfortunately, like all mechanical devices, Mercedes are occasionally prone to their own known failures and breakdowns. One of the more common issues that Mercedes-Benz owners will likely encounter at some point in their car ownership is the failure of the Mass AirFlow (MAF) sensor.

The Function of the MAF sensor

The MAF sensor is important for your overall engine performance, and Mercedes-Benz models tend to have different components from other, more common vehicles on the road. In short, the MAF sensor detects and assesses the proper air-to-fuel ratio for ideal ignition and combustion in the engine. The MAF sensor works with your on-board computer to ultimately calculate the correct amount of fuel that will then be injected into the engine.

Signs of MAF Failure

Like any car trouble, a failing MAF sensor comes with warning signs. Some of these symptoms are subtle, occurring over time, while others may come on suddenly and unexpectedly and force you to a mechanic that day.

Diminished power

If your car refuses to accelerate as quickly as it should, your MAF sensor may not be able to properly read the correct air-to-fuel ratio to allow your engine to function.

Lower fuel economy

If you notice a sudden, significant drop in your car’s fuel economy, a failing or faulty MAF sensor may be to blame. This is both costly and bad for your car and the environment and should be fixed as early as possible. Conversely, monitoring your fuel economy is a good way to detect MAF sensor issues early on, before it becomes problematic.

Rough idling

If your car idles hard with intense vibrations or any loud noises or cab-shaking events, this could be a sign of a failing MAF sensor.

Stalled engine

If your car stalls at or after ignition, this is likely due to your engine not receiving enough fuel in the injection process, which in turn may be due to a failure of the MAF sensor to detect the proper ratios. If your engine stalls, or your check engine light illuminates, it’s important to have the issue looked at by a qualified Mercedes specialist immediately.

Starting problems

If your car refuses to start, MAF sensor failure may be to blame, as it may be unable to detect the correct amount of air needed to allow the vehicle to fuel the engine and ignite.

Bavarian Performance Specialists Will Help

While driving a Mercedes makes you feel like a king, waiting in line at a dealership for a Mercedes MAF Sensor Check backed-up appointment for three weeks of wait and a half-done job makes you feel inarguably less so.

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We offer comprehensive services and utilizes only the most modern, high-tech tools of the trade on every Mercedes that comes through our door. Whether your Mercedes needs a quick tune-up of its MAF sensor or an entire replacement, you can rest assured that only that most qualified mechanics will have their hands on your pride and joy.

With 35 years of experience and a community foundation forged in 1983, Bavarian Performance Specialists are here to serve the areas of Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills, Westlake, Malibu, and Newbury Park, CA, for any and all Mercedes needs.

If you suspect your vehicle is experiencing any of these symptoms of MAF sensor failure, call Bavarian Performance Specialists for a quick diagnosis and a comprehensive fix to ensure you’re back on the road in style before you can say Mercedes-Benz.  We look forward to meeting you and becoming your Mercedes-Benz specialists for all your maintenance and servicing needs in the future.