Porsche Coolant Leak

Repair Tips for a Failed Plastic Coolant Pipe in a Porsche From the Expert in Thousand Oaks

By Bavarian Performance Specialists February 12, 2021

When the coolant pipes in some Porsche’s were manufactured, the main thought was cost effectiveness. This helps the manufacturer to save money, which they can then pass on to you. However, it can cause some problems for the car driver because the piping is made out of plastic. Plastic piping is not very sturdy and may crack or break while driving, leaving you stranded.

Warning Signs that the Coolant Pipe is Broken

One way to help deal with cracked or broken coolant pipes is to get the pipes replaced with a heavier material. You can talk to one of our expert mechanics to help determine if you should replace your coolant pipes with something that is a bit stronger.

When you take a protective, preventive approach, you can spare yourself and your Porsche a lot of potential issues in the future. Some of the advantages of taking care of the plastic pipes before they break include these advantages:

  • Your Porsche will keep the high standards you expect from performance.
  • Your Porsche will maintain its value and last longer.
  • Replacing the plastic can prevent future leaks.
  • This keeps the engine from damage.

If the car owner does not take this preventive action when it comes to their coolant pipe, then there may be some damage inside of the car and with the engine and more. You should take a look at some of the common signs of a coolant pipe malfunction so you can get the issue fixed by a qualified mechanic as soon as possible. Some of the common signs that something has gone wrong with the coolant pipe includes:

  • leaking coolant inside the engine
  • the starter motor begins to struggle
  • puddles of coolant collecting under your Porsche

It is important for you to take care of your Porsche and watch for engine issues. If you worry the coolant pipe is made out of plastic or you suspect the coolant pipe is not working properly, you should take your Porsche to a professional mechanic to inspect the coolant pipes. If the issue is caught early on, a simple replacement part is the quickest and easiest solution.

How to Fix the Cooling Pipes

In order to fix any issues that come with your failing coolant pipes, they will need to be replaced with high-quality and durable coolant pipes. This is offered to drivers of Porsche’s once their coolant pipes fail. Of course, you do not want the pipes to fail, so preventative action will save your engine from possible damage from a burst plastic coolant pipe.

Preventing this kind of failure is something that a car owner is able to solve with a little bit of work. The best rules to follow include:

  • Take your Porsche to a licensed mechanic, preferably one who has lots of experience handling this kind of issue.
  • Use the piping that is recommended to replace the old plastic one. The replacements are often made out of a sturdier material, often aluminum, to help them last longer and handle the intense heat that comes with a car.
  • Make sure that any mechanic you work with is certified in Porsche systems. They need to do a full inspection of the whole cooling system and check whether there are more issues that you could face down the road.
  • Keep up with all of the servicing and maintenance recommended for your car to keep it safe and prevent further issues with your car.

Trust Bavarian Performance Specialists with Your Porsche

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