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Reasons the Fuel Level Sensor Might Fail in Your Volkswagen

By Bavarian Performance Specialists October 30, 2018

Driving a Volkswagen is an activity that should be fun, even if you are just heading to work. You know that your Volkswagen is reliable and will stay strong for a long time. This is something that you expected and were counting on when you purchased your vehicle. However, like any vehicle, your Volkswagen may begin to experience changes and some decline in function as time goes on.

One of the issues that may present itself is a failure in the fuel level sensor. The fuel level sensor is the system that measures how much fuel your Volkswagen has. If this sensor fails then you will not know when it is time to put in more fuel — you could be running dangerously low in fuel and have no idea. Knowing the reasons why the fuel level sensor can fail is going to help you be able to identify an issue with the sensor before it is too late.

Broken Parts

The first reason why the fuel level sensor has failed may be due to broken internal parts. There is a part that floats in the fuel and will indicate the level of the fuel. If this piece breaks off or becomes separated from the arm that holds it, the fuel level readings will not be accurate. As you can imagine, with the fuel level sensor giving the wrong readings, it will be very difficult to know when you are running out of fuel.

If a part is broken you should be alerted by the fact that the fuel gauge will get stuck in a certain position. That could be either in the empty position or the full position. This can sometimes be difficult to notice or realize before it is too late because it is not often that we look at the fuel gauge, until we believe that it is time to get gas. However, if you know you’ve been driving a bit or have filled up recently and the gauge hasn’t budged, you may have a problem.

Circuit Problems

Another reason why the fuel level sensor may fail is because it is not getting the amount of voltage it needs to function properly. In order for an accurate reading to go from the fuel level sensor to the fuel gauge, there needs to be a current flowing between them. If there is an issue with the circuits or the wires that connect the two, then the reading will not get to the correct place. The wires could be loose or they could even be corroded. Neither are ideal situations and may require replacing if the wires and corrosion has reached a point where they cannot be fixed.

General Wear and Tear

As your Volkswagen ages, it makes sense that the fuel sensor will experience some wear and tear. As the parts are all working together, it is possible that parts could rub against one another. If this were to continue over time, connections are not going to be as strong. This would mean that the signals sent may be weak and could be interpreted as not even being received. If you suspect that this may be the cause of the failure, then you can replace the parts that are showing the most distress.

Ask for Help

Knowing the reasons behind why the fuel level sensor fails is going to be your first line of defense. In order to ensure that your Volkswagen can continue to function at the standard you have set, you need to be able to address any and all issues that come your way. This especially applies to the fuel level sensor. It is never ideal to run out of gas when you thought you had more than enough.

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When any of the above symptoms begin to show up, you should take your Volkswagen to a team of technicians you can trust. At Bavarian Performance Specialists you will find such a team! We are conveniently accessible from the areas of Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills, Westlake, Malibu, and Newbury Park, CA. Having been in operation for over 30 years, with specializations in German and European brands, you can rest assured knowing that your Volkswagen will be receiving the best treatment. Our technicians will take the necessary time to properly diagnose the reason for the fuel level sensor failure so we can get you back on the road as soon as possible. Call to make an appointment today!