BMW HVAC Blower Failure

Reasons Behind HVAC Blower Failure in a BMW

By Bavarian Performance Specialists December 25, 2019

When you purchase a BMW, you expect to have all the comforts that you could imagine in a high-performance car. All BMW models have an excellent climate control feature through their HVAC system. However, when the HVAC blower in your BMW fails, you need to be able to recognize the signs, why it happened, and know what you can do to fix the issue before you’re stuck sweating it out in the summer or freezing in the winter. Let’s take a look at the solutions below.

What does an HVAC blower do?

An HVAC blower perform a simple job: it blows the air coming from the HVAC system through the vents of your BMW in order to cool down or heat the interior of your car. It provides climate control to ensure that you and your passengers have a comfortable ride.

Warning Signs of HVAC Blower Failure in a BMW

Before you do end up experiencing the dreaded HVAC blower failure in your BMW, there are some warning signs that you are bound to notice pretty quickly. Pay close attention if you notice these symptoms begin and report them to your trusted mechanic. This will help the technician diagnose the root of the issue faster. The warning signs of HVAC blower failure in a BMW are:

A lack of airflow from the vents

When the HVAC system stops working correctly, you may not feel the air in your cabin is as hot or cold as desired. However, it is more common that the lack of airflow from the vents is due to an electrical issue. While HVAC blower failure is still a possible culprit, it is not the likeliest.

Multiple speeds are no longer available

You may still notice airflow but it will only function at one low speed or setting as opposed to the many that should be available. This could be problematic if you need a drastic temperature change in your BMW as the temperatures outside are uncomfortable.

Reasons Why the HVAC Blower Fails

The HVAC blower in your BMW may have failed for several different reasons, most being:

Malfunction in blower motor relay

The blower motor of the HVAC system controls the proper function of the blower itself. If the electrical components of your BMW fail, so will the motor. In turn, the blower can’t let any air flow through the vents in your vehicle.

Manufacturer error

Though BMW has high standards for all of its vehicles, mistakes sometimes happen during manufacturing. Some faulty parts somehow pass inspection and make it out to the dealership lot as part of the many complex parts of your BMW. Your HVAC blower could have come off the line already malfunctioning.

General wear and tear

As you already know, almost all parts of any car must be replaced eventually. Consistent use, exposure to the elements, and time will them down naturally. It is normal and even inevitable, but inconvenient nevertheless.

How to Fix HVAC Blower Failure in a BMW

Cars as delicate and complex as BMWs require extra attention to detail when it comes to repairs and the replacement of parts. A standard mechanic likely deals mostly in the repair of domestic vehicles and may not have the skill set required to get the job done right on an import the first time.

That is why you should make an appointment with the qualified technicians at Bavarian Performance Specialists. No matter the issue, we will work closely with you to ensure that you are back on the road in as little time as possible while still providing the highest quality of care.

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