Mercedes S-Class Air Suspension

Reasons Behind an S-Class Air Suspension Failure in Your Mercedes

By Bavarian Performance Specialists March 18, 2021

Any air suspension problem can turn into a challenge, but the Mercedes brand has crafted a very impressive air suspension system to go along with their new shocks. This system was designed to help combat some of the issues that many models had with the suspension being too rigid or not providing the resistance needed during any drive on bumpy roads.

Finding that middle ground was a big challenge for the Mercedes brand, but they were able to find a great solution with the air suspension in most of their newer models. This type of suspension is controlled by the air suspension control unit, which utilizes airbags to inflate and deflate, according to your suspension’s needs. This provides an exceptionally smooth ride for you and your passengers. It also improves your fuel efficiency and reduces road noise inside your cabin.

Despite the amazing design, there are still some situations where the suspension will run into problems. The components in the air suspension can malfunction or rupture, causing this system to underperform and cause issues.

Common Problems with the Air Suspension in a Mercedes

There are a few different problems that will show up in the air suspension found on your Mercedes Benz. Some of the most common issues include those listed below.

Airmatic Relay Problems

The relay switch in a Mercedes is in charge of controlling all the electronic circuits. It does this by opening and then closing the circuits inside the compressor. Sometimes it will fail because of over-extended periods of being engaged with the compressor. A qualified mechanic at our repair shop will inspect this relay and can fix the problem so the air suspension works as designed.

The Air Suspension Compressor

In your Mercedes air suspension, the compression will be responsible for pumping air into the bags and deflating them when needed. Sometimes airflow blockages will occur, which causes the air bags to lose the desired pressure that is necessary to maintain the air suspension in your Mercedes. It is also possible for the compressor to fail.

You may find that the compressor needs to be replaced. Other times, it may be the cable that should be replaced. A qualified mechanic can take a look at the whole system to determine how big the issue is and what you will need fixed to restore your Mercedes to its best condition.

Valve Block

There is the potential for air to leak back to the compressor, causing a good deal of internal damage to the compressor if not fixed. This will impede the journey of air to the suspension of the vehicle. A valve blockage could be the cause, though you could mistake it for damage to the air suspension itself. This is why it is wise to seek expert help by mechanics who are familiar with the intricacies of the Mercedes brand and its exceptional technology.

Squeaking Suspension

The air suspension is an important part of your overall suspension system. This includes the struts, springs, and airbags. There are times when you may hear rattling or squeaking from your suspension. This can be an indication of a broken component or parts that are loose and knocking into each other.

If you hear any new noises while driving your Mercedes, trust your instincts and bring it in for a quick inspection. We will diagnose your suspension problems and provide you with options for a repair if necessary. This will provide you not only peace of mind but a safe Mercedes for you and your passengers.

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