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Malfunctioning Emission Systems in Volkswagens

By Bavarian Performance Specialists January 22, 2019

Understanding your emission control system in your vehicle is important because of the environmental impacts it has on the world around us. The system is designed to prevent the emission or discharge of certain gases into the atmosphere. Different components in your vehicle emit different gases. The main sources of these gases are the exhaust, the fuel tank, and the crankcase. It is these sources that are a main cause of pollution.

The most common gases that are considered pollutants that come from these three sources are carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen oxide. The emission control system in your car controls the amount of emissions by utilizing sensors and other various components. If you are experiencing a problem with the emission system, your vehicle should alert you by the check engine light turning on.

Emission Control System in Volkswagens

Unfortunately, many Volkswagen owners have complained about issues regarding the emission control system in their cars. While VWs tend to be excellent and reliable vehicles, on occasion they may experience problems. In the case of an emission system failure, it is important to be resolved quickly as it seriously impacts the environment, with cars being one of the top sources of pollution.

While it is not necessarily dangerous for you to drive with a faulty emission system failure, it can be in some situations, so it is highly recommended that you get the problem fixed. If you are unsure about how to resolve the issue or make the repair, find a trusted mechanic who is familiar with working on Volkswagens to take a look at your vehicle and evaluate what the problem might be.

When You Should Be Concerned About the Emission System in Your Car

As previously mentioned, it is concerning when you are knowingly polluting the environment, but having a problem with your Emission System does not generally directly pose a threat to you. With that being said, it could indicate some other issues with your car. You may be experiencing an electrical issue. If you have not noticed any other issue besides the check engine light coming on, it may be an issue with your sensor.

Another common reason for the emission system light to turn on could be a problem with the vacuum hose in your car. If the vacuum hose gets disconnected or it has worn out, it could result in an alert with the emission control system. Generally the issues with the emission control systems indicate an issue with the recirculation valve for your exhaust.

The best solution for being able to definitively identifying the root cause of the issue with your emission control system is to take your vehicle in to the repair shop for a mechanic to look at. If you are regularly taking your vehicle in for maintenance your mechanic may be able to identify these issues before they get worse. Regular service of your car is recommended so that your car has a longer life span. It can also be a preventative measure by being able to recommend what repairs you may need to have done. It gives you a chance to save so that expensive repairs don’t have to happen unexpectedly.

How We Can Help

Here at Bavarian Performance Specialists, we have top of the line mechanics that are trained in diagnosing and repairing Volkswagens. If you believe that you are dealing with an emission control system issue, but are not sure of the cause, our technicians are committed to helping you identify the problem and determining the best course of action when it comes to a repair.

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