BMW 1 Series Problem

Known Common Issues With the BMW 1 Series from the Experts in Thousand Oaks

By Bavarian Performance Specialists October 1, 2019

If you drive a BMW, you are familiar with the unsurpassed luxury that this line of vehicles provides. From truly sleek designs to exceptional performance, BMW holds itself to the highest level of excellence. With any automobile, serious problems and issues may arise that affect the operation, use, and overall comfort of the vehicle. However, the BMW 1 Series has a few common issues that are known to the experts. These issues must be addressed in a timely and efficient manner to ensure the optimal performance of your 1 Series.

Common Issues Found in the BMW 1 Series

Problems With the Door Handles

A known issue with this BMW model is that one or more of the door handles do not go back to their proper position after being used. The handle may not be flush and may stick out from the surrounding mounting. This can be caused by a breakdown of the handle itself as well as the catch.

Steering Concerns

A problem with the steering can initially be detected by uneven wear of the tires. The tracking system of the front wheels can be disturbed as a result of a malfunctioning steering rack. The 1 Series has experienced issues with this in the past and has even recalled some cars due to the possibility of faulty steering.

Ignition Coil Failure

Commonly, the first sign of coil failure is a smell of gas in the cabin of the vehicle. This is usually followed by unexpected changes in the engine temperature as well as rough running of the engine. Coil pack failure is one of the more typical problems found in the BMW 1 Series.


This mechanism seems to be prone to failure and may need to be replaced. Issues with the turbocharger are normally highlighted by an extreme amount of smoke leaving the engine during acceleration.

Idling Issues When Starting in Cold Weather

This model seems to have a common issue with idle fluctuation when it is started in the cold. A malfunction of the ECU can be the culprit. A sign of such a problem is when the needle jumps instead of maintaining a constant speed, caused by the erratic idling of the motor.

Dynamic Traction Control Warning Light

The DTC sensor may illuminate on your dash, signaling the malfunction of the traction control unit. This problem is typically resolved by replacing the unit.

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