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Is It the Right Time for Catalytic Converter Replacement in Your Audi?

By Bavarian Performance Specialists May 10, 2018

Owning an Audi comes with an additional responsibility for keeping up with ongoing care and maintenance. Such tasks are not only essential for your Audi’s overall performance, but for its longevity and your safety. Performing routine maintenance tasks can also retain your Audi’s reliability, and it can save you tons of money in expensive repairs. Many repair shops take advantage of the fact that drivers aren’t always great about ongoing maintenance; therefore, they charge an arm and a leg for repairs. Sometimes, however, those repairs are just inevitable due to driving habits or vehicle engineering.

One of the most frequent complaints of Audi drivers, particularly in the Audi A4, is the need for “premature” catalytic converter replacement. The catalytic converter plays a crucial role in your Audi’s function, and works with the ignition coils; there is a documented history of recalls related to catalytic converter function in Audi vehicles, and sometimes replacement of the catalytic converter is necessary. Over time, it’s normal for a catalytic converter to require replacement; however, ongoing care and inspections can prevent the damaging effects of a failing catalytic converter. In this article we’ll talk more about what a catalytic converter does for your Audi, and how you can recognize the right time for it to be replaced.

A Catalytic Converter’s Role

Serving an important function in the Audi exhaust system, the catalytic converter transforms harmful gasses expelled from the engine into less volatile gasses that are more acceptable to release into the environment. Through a complicated progression of oxidation and reduction techniques, the chemical compounds of the harmful gasses are ultimately altered. Furthermore, the oxygen sensors in your fuel injection system can detect the levels of oxygen in the exhaust prior to and after emission. When these sensors detect off levels of oxygen due to a falling catalytic converter, the fuel-to-oxygen ratio becomes compromised making the car run less efficiently. Other diagnostic protocols like temperature sensors are responsible for monitoring the engine temperature that is often affected by catalytic converter failure. It’s typical for catalytic converter malfunction to affect such issues as exhaust emissions and fuel economy in your Audi, which is quite concerning to the average Audi driver.

Common Symptoms of Catalytic Converter Failure

The most typical signs of catalytic converter failure are similar to the symptoms of other origin problems, which can make differential diagnosis difficult; this is why it’s, again, critical to enlist the help of an Audi specialist to detect catalytic converter issues in your Audi. Some of the most frequent signs of failure include: diminished fuel efficiency and performance issues like diminished acceleration capacity, engine misfiring, and emission test failure. Remaining vigilant of any concerning symptoms in your Audi’s performance and bringing it to a specialist immediately can significantly reduce the effects that a failing catalytic converter have in the long run.

The Right Time for Replacement

It’s important to keep in mind that not all vehicles are alike—not even vehicles made by the same manufacturer. Furthermore, not every driver’s driving habits or driving conditions are alike either. Therefore, it is important to stay on top of routine maintenance tasks that are set forth by the manufacturer, located in your owner’s manual, including catalytic converter replacement intervals. However—a word of caution—it’s best to use this only as a recommended guide, not the end all answer to automotive maintenance. Getting additional guidance from a certified Audi expert who is familiar with your individual automobile is the best way to ensure that your Audi stays ahead of potential catalytic converter failure.

How We Can Help You

Audi Catalytic Converter The Audi experts at Bavarian Performance Specialists are familiar with the common issues encountered by drivers in the areas of Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills, Westlake, Malibu, and Newbury Park, CA. Since 1983, we’ve been providing our community with specialized, exceptional quality automotive repair and maintenance services unrivaled by nearby shops and dealerships. Guaranteed with a 2-year/24,000-mile warranty, our work is sound and reliable as well as affordable. If you’re experiencing catalytic converter failure or would like to bring in your Audi for an inspection, please contact us right away. It is our mission to ensure your safety in a mechanically sound Audi for years to come.

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