Audi Valve Cover Oil Leak

Is a Valve Cover Oil Leak in Your Audi a Serious Concern?

By Bavarian Performance Specialists May 7, 2021

A valve cover oil leak in your Audi can have devastating effects on your high performance car. The problem is serious because it can open up your Audi’s engine to even worse damage. In some cases, you may even need to replace the engine if a valve cover oil leak is left unchecked.

To prevent your Audi from getting to this point, you’ll need to understand why it’s important to correct a valve cover oil leak immediately. Let’s have a look at how these valve cover oil leaks happen and some signs that will point to the problem.

The Valve Cover

Most Audi drivers have experienced a valve cover oil leak at some point in the course of their driving. Valve cover is a component in the engine that protects the valve train, through which oil and air flow into the engine for combustion. These valve covers are also responsible for controlling the release of exhaust from the fuel combustion process in the engine.

A common reason for a valve cover oil leak is the regular wear and tear that most vehicles experience over time. Valve covers are often made of fortified plastic. Unfortunately, no amount of fortification for plastic can make it last a lifetime. These covers still break down as your mileage rises. The fact that these valve covers are in the engine compartment doesn’t help matters. Near the engine, they are exposed to changes in temperatures that cause expansion and contraction. Due to this excessive morphing of the plastic, the valve covers in your Audi can become stiff and develop cracks, causing leaks.

Another cause of valve cover oil leaks is a broken valve cover gasket. This gasket made of rubber holds the valve covers in place over the engine cylinders. Once the rubber gaskets wear out, the valve cover becomes loose and in turn starts leaking oil.

Familiar Way to Recognise a Valve Cover Oil Leak

When you have a valve cover oil leak, you’ll notice certain symptoms as a result. One of the first signs that you’ll notice is the smell of burning oil coming from the engine compartment. This occurs when the leaking oil finds its way into the hot parts of the engine and burns. In worse cases, the oil leak will reach the spark plugs where it could ignite, posing a safety hazard to you and your property. This is also the main reason why a valve cover oil leak in your Audi is serious. If it ignites in the garage of your home, it could start a house fire.

Another sign of a valve cover leak is a puddle of oil at the front part of your Audi. This happens especially when you’ve been parked somewhere for a longer duration. This fluid is brown in color, and the amount usually depends on the size of your oil leak. It could be a few drops to a full puddle on the ground.

Your Audi’s engine will also run rough due to the leaking oil finding its way into the spark plugs. This will cause the spark plugs to misfire, which is contrary to the smooth rides that Audis provide. This difference will be more noticeable when you try to accelerate.

You may also notice a brown residue on the valve cover in your engine. If you pop your hood, you can check the valve cover, which sits on top of the engine. So if there’s a leak, you’ll see road dirt and dust particles that often settle in oily surfaces and crevices.

The check engine light on your dashboard will also come on when you have a valve cover oil leak. Your engine will be losing oil, therefore, running low. You Audi will also experience poor fuel efficiency because of the oil leak. You’ll find that you need to refuel more often to cover the same distances that you used to cover.

Bavarian Performance Specialist For Your Audi

Because of the gravity of the potential Audi Valve Cover Oil Leak Inspection effects of valve cover oil leaks, you should always seek help from a reliable mechanic to replace your Audi valve cover. Bavarian Performance Specialists are here for you if you’re an Audi driver in Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills, Westlake, Malibu, and Newbury Park, CA communities. If you suspect your Audi has a valve cover oil leak, give us a call today. We are eager to get you back on the road safely.