Mercedes Ignition Lock Issue

How to Reduce Damage to Your Mercedes’ Ignition Tumbler

By Bavarian Performance Specialists September 14, 2019

When you think of the Mercedes brand, luxury and class come to mind with sleek designs and plush interiors to match. it’s not hard to see why for many, when it comes to motoring, there’s no competition. With a Mercedes, every drive reaches an elevated level of driving. The suspension makes it feel like you’re gliding across the road with equally-smooth handling. Mercedes truly puts the joy back into driving. However, if your ignition tumbler fails, you won’t be able to enjoy your Mercedes at all. In this article, we will look at how you can reduce damage to your ignition tumbler and even prevent failure from occurring.

What is the ignition tumbler?

Also referred to as the ignition lock tumbler or the ignition lock cylinder, the ignition tumbler is an important mechanism which is integral for starting your Mercedes. The lock tumbler has 2 parts, the tumbler and the key assembly. When both parts work together, they initiate the combustion cycle in your engine. Think of it like a starting gun in a race. The lock tumbler is what tells your car it’s time to go.

The ignition tumbler also works with your vehicle’s accessories systems, such as the radio and A/C. Therefore, if there is an issue with either the tumbler or the key assembly, your vehicle simply will not start.

How to Prevent Damage to your Ignition Tumbler

Looking after your Mercedes’ ignition tumbler is very simple and doesn’t take any time out of your day. In fact, you may even be taking necessary steps already without even realizing it. Let’s look at those simple things you can do to protect your tumbler and key assembly.

Removing Heavy Keychains

We all love chances to express ourselves and show our individuality, but excessive key chains and accessories can actually be harmful to your ignition tumbler. This is because when the key is inserted in the tumbler while driving, the keychains weigh down the tumbler and potentially warp it out of position over time. Therefore, remove heavy keychains and stick to one or two lighter ones that best express you.

Keys in Pocket?

Where you keep your keys when you’re not driving is also a factor that you may want to consider if you want to look after your ignition tumbler. Keeping your keys in your pocket is fine, but if you have coins or other metal items in there, you may be harming your tumbler without even realizing it. Metal objects can scratch or warp your keys and can also soften the surface of your keys, meaning that when you insert them into the tumbler, tiny metal shavings can enter the ignition tumbler. Over time, these can build up and prevent the tumbler from working properly.

Disengage Ignition Lock

If you move your Mercedes steering wheel when the engine is off, or if you turn off the engine with the steering wheel rotated, you may end up binding your steering wheel lock which will stop the ignition tumbler from turning. This will make you unable to start your car. If this happens, you shouldn’t use brute force, as you’ll only end up breaking your key off in the lock as well as damaging the tumbler.

Be Gentle with your Key

We’ve all had to pull away in a rush before, be it when we’re late for work or for an appointment, and we’ve all started our car a little forcefully when angry. However, being rough with your keys can also damage your ignition tumbler and increase the risk of failure. Slamming your cars into the tumbler can warp the tumbler or the key, or both at the same time, meaning that your key can become stuck or difficult to insert next time. Being rough with your keys can also cause metal shavings to be left behind in your tumbler, potentially causing an issue down the road.

Keep Calm and Contact Bavarian Performance Specialists

If you are facing an ignition tumbler Mercedes Ignition Tumbler Issue Fix issue, whether your key is stuck or won’t turn in the lock, the important thing is to keep calm. Getting angry and trying to force the key or tumbler will only make things worse. If you have ignition tumbler issues and you live in or around Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills, Westlake, Malibu, or Newbury Park, CA, then make Bavarian Performance Specialists your first place to call.