Audi Ignition Coil

How to Prevent Ignition Coil Failure in Your Audi

By Bavarian Performance Specialists July 10, 2021

Owners of Audi automobiles love the sleek look of their vehicle and the fact that they offer a great and comfortable ride for themselves and their passengers. When you drive a luxury vehicle, you do not expect to encounter many problems but sometimes, parts get old or break for other reasons. The ignition coil is a component which will need servicing at times.

Think of an ignition coil as the middle man between the battery and the fuel. It is needed to assist in starting your engine. Although the battery produces voltage, it is too low to ignite the fuel and start the engine on its own. The ignition coils are electrical components that help amplify the voltage received from the alternator and the battery. They deliver this power to the spark plugs, converting low voltage into a higher voltage. They are needed to fuel the spark plugs and allow the engine to start and run.

Every spark plug has an ignition coil. Without working ignition coils, your car will not be able to function.

Preventing Ignition Coil Failure

There are a few different causes of coil failure, some of which can be preventable. The best way to prevent ignition coil failure is with regular service and inspections on your vehicle, but here are some common causes of failure in your Audi:

  • general wear and tear
  • moisture damage (leaking fluids)
  • worn out spark plugs

Wear and tear is the least likely scenario, but it is possible that your ignition coils will wear out after thousands of driving miles. This would be due to being exposed to high temperatures or vibrations over a very long period.

The other two major reasons, moisture damage and worn-out spark plugs, are directly related to car maintenance and upkeep. As long as you do standard maintenance on a schedule and bring any potential issues to your mechanic’s attention, you should not face any significant problems.

7 Symptoms of Ignition Coil Failure

Even if you are taking care of your car, sometimes things still go wrong. Keep reading for the most common symptoms of a problem with the ignition coil in your Audi:

1. Your Audi is stalling

When your ignition coil fails, it can result in irregular sparks being sent to the spark plugs. When the spark plugs are not getting the proper amount of energy, your car may begin to stall.

2. You experience backfiring

Backfiring is an early sign that there could be something wrong with your ignition coil. Typically, backfiring of a car occurs when the unused fuel in the combustion cylinders of a car’s engine is leaving through the exhaust pipe. Besides the sound of backfiring, you may also notice a small amount of gasoline or black smoke escaping through your exhaust pipe.

3. It is difficult to start your vehicle

If your ignition coil has broken or is failing, it may be more challenging to start your car. Your Audi’s engine is not getting the required power, and it may be time to call your mechanic.

4. The engine is misfiring

This is another symptom to watch out for. You may notice strange sounds coming out of your engines, like a sputtering or coughing noise. When your car reaches high speeds, you may also feel your car jerking. When idling, your car may vibrate.

5. Your experience a rougher ride

Your luxury car may not feel quite as luxurious anymore as your ride has become far more uncomfortable. You may notice the power seems more insufficient than before, with rough idle and the engine jerking. It may also hesitate when accelerating, which can be quite dangerous in some situations.

6. You have poor fuel economy

The way a car gets excellent fuel mileage is by all the different parts working seamlessly together. When you have an issue like the ignition coil failing, your fuel mileage will also suffer.

7. Your Audi’s check-engine light has illuminated

Finally, you may notice that your check-engine light has come on. Whenever this happens, you should make an appointment with your car technician, as your computer needs to be hooked up to diagnostic equipment to determine the actual problem.

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