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How to Handle Aluminum Fuse Failure in Mercedes

By Bavarian Performance Specialists April 5, 2018

Mercedes cars are known for their luxury and elegance. Even older Mercedes models withstand the test of time, remaining reliable and consistent as it accrues mileage. Assuming the driver puts in significant effort to maintain their vehicle, most cars will last for an extended period of time. The question is, how much of this can we avoid, and how much of this is simply due to the nature of the vehicle itself?

In the case of older Mercedes cars, one of the most typical issues drivers run into is electrical problems. Sine many of the older models, if not most of them, were designed and engineered with identical or similar parts, a long string of Mercedes vehicles have proven to run into the same issue over time: fuse failure. Among other engineering deficits, aluminum fuse failure is particular to these vehicles; however, it’s a simple problem to fix in the grand scheme of things. Here’s a little more information about aluminum fuse failure in older Mercedes cars:

Symptoms of Fuse Failure

First, it helps to have an idea of what could be going wrong if you experience the symptoms of fuse failure in your Mercedes. When fuses blow, they’re simply executing their protective plan B—they force all the fuses to shut down to avoid circuit damage. It is most noticeable to lose power to certain components that rely on electrical current from the fuse box, usually including windshield wipers, power door locks and power windows, or any other accessory parts like navigation or radio. As you might imagine, this is highly inconvenient, and sometimes unsafe.

Why Does Aluminum Fuse Failure Occur?

As we mentioned before, this problem occurs due to no error on the part of the driver’s ability to maintain the vehicle. In these Mercedes cars, corrosion due to the combination of aluminum and copper parts in close proximity to one another causes the fuse to fail. This process is accelerated by certain outdoor conditions, such as fluctuating warm temperatures and condensation buildup. The tips of the fuse that transmit the power to the various connectors eventually corrode and degrade, rendering it useless. Since over time the car has been exposed to the outdoor elements for extended periods, it’s most common to see this issue in older cars.

Why Else Do Older Mercedes Models Typically Encounter Fuse Failure?

When Mercedes vehicles, or all vehicles for that matter, are brand new and all the parts under the hood are also new, it’s unlikely for problems to occur right away. Usually issues arise as the driver gets more use out of the car. Mostly seen in older sedan models, aluminum fuse failure takes time to develop. It’s an engineering issue; however, with the help of a trained Mercedes professional, there are things you can do to prevent other fuses from failing and to fix the problem at an affordable rate.

What to Do Next

Since all of the fuses are made of essentially the “wrong” materials, the best course of action to take is to replace the old fuses with new ones that are made of a more durable, appropriate material. Ceramic is a popular choice for this particular issue, as it interacts well with copper components. The good news is that this issue is easily-fixed, but takes time, expertise, and proper tools and materials. The next step is to find a trustworthy Mercedes service center nearby which can help you address this problem before more fuse failure occurs.

How We Can Help

Mercedes Logo As our name implies, we are Bavarian Performance Specialists, focusing our expertise on German-engineered vehicles like Mercedes-Benz. Serving clients from all over the areas of Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills, Westlake, Malibu, and Newbury Park, CA, we have seen countless numbers of older Mercedes vehicles that have experienced aluminum fuse failure. One of the advantages of taking your Mercedes to professionals who specialize in them is that you don’t have to waste your time with lengthy, and expensive, diagnostic procedures to figure out where the source of a problem lies. While we perform thorough differential diagnoses with each case we encounter, it is most important that we commit to being timely and accurate in the interest of being efficient and cost-effective for our clients. If you are experiencing power loss or the beginnings of fuse failure, please contact one of our helpful professionals today.

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