Porsche Driveshaft Support Failure

How to Deal With Driveshaft Support Failure in a Porsche

By Bavarian Performance Specialists April 24, 2020

There are few cars that offer as elegant an experience as a Porsche. Not only are they smooth, but they are also incredibly powerful. However, regular upkeep and maintenance are required to keep up that same level of performance, because over time, certain parts begin to wear down, and they will have to be repaired or replaced.

The driveshaft transfers power to your Porsche’s wheels. The driveshaft is held in place by the center support. The more miles you put in, the higher chance that the driveshaft will fail. This article will discuss driveshaft support failure in your Porsche, but first, we should understand the mechanics of the driveshaft.

The Role of Driveshaft

The driveshaft is critical to the performance of your vehicle. Power is created in the engine through a series of combustions. The Porsche creates extremely high amounts of power that allows the driver to enjoy an exhilarating ride, but once this power is created, it’s no good until it’s converted into a form of power that the wheels can use to move forward.

Called a torque carrier, the driveshaft rotates to carry the power from the engine to the axle, either the rear axle in a rear-wheel-drive vehicle or the front axle in a front-wheel-drive vehicle. This critical role of the driveshaft makes its failure dangerous.

The Driveshaft Center Support

Underneath the body of the car, keeping the driveshaft in its place, is the driveshaft center support. Its function is relatively simplistic: it supports the driveshaft and keeps it from excessive motion. The center support is U-shaped, with a solid-rubber bearing that is designed to keep the driveshaft’s parts stable.

Vibration is natural as the car accelerates, and the driveshaft center support aims to reduce that and ensure a comfortable ride. Over time, however, it may begin to wear down due to normal wear and tear and the stress that Porsches are normally under.

Failure of the Driveshaft Center Support

A worn-down or faulty driveshaft center support will be noticeable to an observant driver. There are a few different ways that the problem makes itself known, so it’s important to pay attention to any issues that arise in your vehicle. If your Porsche experiences the following issues, you may want to consider inspecting your driveshaft center support.

Clunking Sound

The driveshaft rotates and shifts position during acceleration and deceleration. If the center support wears down, the driveshaft’s parts become loose and result in a clunking sound. If you notice this sound coming from underneath the floorboard, it is likely due to a faulty or worn-down driveshaft center support.

Shuddering During Acceleration

Another common warning sign is a shudder on the floorboard, brake pedal, or gas pedal. As the support wears down, it will result in greater vibration throughout the vehicle.

How to Fix the Driveshaft Support

Once you’ve discovered that the driveshaft center support in your Porsche isn’t working properly, you may want to attempt a DIY fix, but it isn’t going to be very easy. Because it is located underneath the car in a less-than-convenient place, reaching the support is perhaps the most difficult step in replacing it.

If no damage has been done to the actual driveshaft or chassis, then you likely caught the issue early and saved yourself a good bit of money. The faulty driveshaft center support must be replaced. If this is not done properly to maintain the driveshaft’s proper condition, even more damage may come in the future. A trusted mechanic, like Bavarian Performance Specialists, will have you covered throughout the repair process.

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