Audi Digital Dashboard

Fixing Digital Dashboard Failure in Your Audi in Thousand Oaks

By Bavarian Performance Specialists October 18, 2019

Driving an Audi is a goal for many driving enthusiasts. You work hard for everything you have, and this includes your Audi. Each and every Audi has been designed with the driver in mind, and under each hood is an engine that was built for top performance. As you start your Audi, you will feel the power throughout the entire vehicle. However, after you have been driving your Audi for an extended period of time, the day will come when extra repairs are required.

One of the issues that can develop as your Audi gets older is digital dashboard failure. The digital dashboard is what displays all the gauges that are necessary for driving. If this dashboard fails, then more dangerous issues could develop.

If there is information missing from the dashboard, you will become an unsafe driver without even realizing it. You may not know how fast you are going, or the level of engine oil, or how much gasoline is left in the gas tank. All these features are key to safe driving. In order to catch digital dashboard failure as soon as possible, you should know and be aware of the following signs, symptoms, and causes.

A Blown Fuse

One of the main reasons why the digital dashboard in your Audi may fail is a blown fuse. In order for the digital dashboard to display the correct information, all the fuses need to be connected and working with each other. When a fuse blows, a certain portion of your dashboard will go dark.

One sign that will indicate to you that there is a blown fuse is dimmer display screens. This will occur because the screen is no longer receiving the correct amount of power for a complete series of fuses. A second sign that will point to a blown fuse is flashing or glitchy screen. The display screens will surge with power as the remaining fuses attempt to make up for the blown one. Inevitably, the display screens will flash, because without all the fuses working, there will be a lack of power.

If the cause of digital dashboard failure is a blown fuse, you will want a professional to inspect and replace it. Unless you are feeling confident in your mechanic skills, you should leave this task to someone who knows your Audi inside and out.

Instrument Cluster

Another cause of digital dashboard failure is a more serious one that has to do with the instrument cluster. This part of your Audi is what controls a significant amount of the icons that are displayed on the dashboard. The instrument cluster is also responsible for displaying the necessary gauges, which can include the speedometer and the fuel tank. If there is an issue with this piece, then these meters will not show up on your Audi’s digital dashboard.

The instrument cluster is also part of your Audi that indicates to you when there is an issue. The instrument cluster will receive the signals from all over your Audi and show the appropriate warning icon. If there is a failure with the digital dashboard, you may not get this warning sign, which could result in unfavorable results as a driver and to your Audi. Combine this with a blown fuse, and the issue has just become extreme.

Servicing your Audi

Having a digital dashboard failure may not seem like a big deal at first, but it is something that you need and want Audi Fuse Check to address as soon as you notice it. The two above signs will help to alert you to an issue with the digital dashboard, and once you have identified an issue, it is time to get your Audi serviced.

At Bavarian Performance Specialists, we will take good care of you and your Audi. We are conveniently accessible from the areas of Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills, Westlake, Malibu, and Newbury Park, CA. We will set you up with an appointment in a timely manner to take care of you and service your Audi.

Our trained and certified technicians will use the latest diagnostic tools to determine the cause of the digital dashboard failure. Once this has been identified, we will repair it using dealership-quality parts without charging you a high price. You will drive away happy with a completely repaired Audi, knowing you are safe and your vehicle is in the best shape for its ultimate performance.