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Find a Mercedes Specialist in Thousand Oaks to Fix a Clogged Fuel Tank Screen Filter

By Bavarian Performance Specialists August 11, 2021

Mercedes is a leader in the automotive industry. Their vehicles are safe, luxurious, and reliable. With proper maintenance, they will last a very long time. However, if you do not adhere to your maintenance schedule, you could experience issues such as premature component failures or a clogged fuel tank screen filter.

The fuel tank screen filter is a mesh filter located at the beginning of the fuel line. When fuel is pumped into the engine, it must pass through the filter. This filter removes any dirt and debris that may be in the fuel.

Over time, the filter can get clogged and rust. This can cause dirt and other types of debris to collect in the fuel tank. If the dirty fuel is allowed to enter into the fuel system, it can damage the engine leading to misfires and hesitation.

Symptoms of a Clogged Fuel Tank Screen Filter

When the fuel tank screen filter gets clogged, it will not allow the correct amount of fuel to pass through. This means the engine will not be able to get the fuel it needs to provide you with smooth, consistent power. This can lead to several different symptoms.

If the fuel tank screen filter is clogged, you may experience some of the following symptoms:

  • Hesitation and Poor Acceleration: When the screen is clogged, the engine will not get enough fuel. This will cause your Mercedes to experience performance problems such as hesitation and poor acceleration. This problem may only be noticeable when trying to pass another car quickly.
  • Extreme Exhaust Fumes: You should not normally be able to smell the exhaust. If there are extreme exhaust fumes, there may be an issue with the fuel tank screen filter. Have the issue checked out immediately.
  • Misfires: If the debris is not removed from the fuel, it can damage the spark plugs. This can lead to misfires.
  • Engine Failure: When the fuel tank screen filter is completely clogged, no fuel can get through. This will cause the engine to die while you are driving.
  • Car Will Not Start: Your engine will not start if the flow of gas is blocked by the fuel tank screen filter.
  • Failing Fuel Pump: If your fuel pump is failing, it could be due to a clogged fuel tank screen filter. When the filter is clogged, the pump will have to work harder.
  • Illuminated Check Engine Light: When the engine does not get the proper amount of fuel, it can trigger the check engine light. Never ignore the warning system. Bring your Mercedes to Bavarian Performance Specialists, so we can run a diagnostic scan and determine the cause of the warning light.

How to Prevent a Clogged Fuel Tank Screen Filter

Routine maintenance and inspections will help prevent a clogged fuel tank screen filter in your Mercedes. Our mechanics will replace the screen filter according to your recommended Mercedes maintenance schedule. You will also want to have the filter replaced when the fuel pump becomes clogged or needs to be replaced. In some instances, filters can be cleaned.

Another way to help prevent a clogged fuel tank screen filter is by using high-quality gasoline. Only buy your gas from a trusted source and only use the type of gasoline recommended in your owner’s manual. If you experience any of the above symptoms, call us to book your appointment. It is important that you have the issue diagnosed and fixed immediately.

Diagnosing a Clogged Fuel Tank Screen Filter

Since the symptoms of a clogged filter can mimic other fuel system problems, it is essential that the initial diagnosis is correct. Mercedes Engine Inspection At Bavarian Performance Specialists, our expert technicians will diagnose and fix your issue right the first time.

The symptoms caused by a clogged fuel tank screen filter can be scary. If you are experiencing any issues with your Mercedes or need to have regular maintenance performed, call us today to book your appointment. You can reach us on 805-495-3191 or come visit us at 3121 Thousand Oaks Blvd. At Bavarian Performance Specialists, we proudly serve the Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills, Westlake, Malibu, and Newbury Park, CA areas. Call us today for an appointment.

* Mercedes Benz Car image credit goes to: Julie Deshaies.