Porsche Dashboard Beeping Sounds

Causes of Beeping Sounds Under Your Porsche’s Dash

By Bavarian Performance Specialists August 28, 2019

Porsche is a seductive, high-performance automobile, but sometimes there are odd little issues that you just cannot interpret, such as a beeping noise under the dashboard. This might not have any associated warning light, leaving you wondered what the noise is and what it means for your Porsche. In this article, we will discuss the signs and symptoms of this mysterious beeping noise, what it is, and how to fix it.

Causes of Beeping Sounds

This is one of those complicated idiosyncrasies that drivers and technicians equally loathe. The reality is that there are many possibilities as to what is causing this sound, but here are some things to check out before you decide to bring your Porsche to your trusted shop:

1. Have you swapped out the factory radio?

If yes, some of the high-end radios have a removable faceplate. If you leave the faceplate on when you turn off your car, the radio might make a beep sound, reminding you to remove the faceplate. This is an anti-theft mechanism for a lot of radios.

2. Are you speeding?

Most Porsches have a setting that will warn you if you are speeding. Sometimes, drivers who have never used this feature will suddenly find that it starts beeping at 15 or 20 mph. There is a theory that perhaps other passengers, such as children or significant others, can press buttons and change the control settings.  Check your owner’s manual and see if you have this feature. If so, check your settings in your car to make sure the speeding limit has not been activated, or if it is, make sure the warning feature is not set to a low speed. If that’s not it, read on.

3. Is it beeping when you lock it?

Some Porsche models have an alarm setting where the system will beep if there is a fault in the alarm system. This can mean that there is a window down or a door that did not lock. It can also mean that you have a bad sensor or connection. If you are sure all of the doors and windows are closed and the doors are locked when pressing the key fob, you should have our shop run a diagnostic test to find to check that your window and door alarm connectors are functioning properly.

4. Have you had any work to your car done recently?

If you recently had electronic work on your Porsche, it is possible that the technicians did not reconnect the battery properly. You might need to go through the various settings in your car, everything from the security system to the seat belts to find the source of the beeping warning sound. You can try to disconnect and then reconnect the battery, which will sometimes reset a setting and solve the problem.

These 4 items above are the most common reason for the beeping noise. That said, the fourth one related to the battery can be incredibly challenging to narrow down. The simplest plan is to bring it in and have us utilize our professional diagnostic tools to give you a definitive diagnosis of the noise. In most cases, we can diagnose these problems in a very short amount of time and have you safely back on the road without the annoying beeping sound.

Bavarian Performance Specialists Can Diagnose and Fix Your Porsche

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