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Causes of Audi Catalytic Converter Clogs From Certified Mechanics in Thousand Oaks

By Bavarian Performance Specialists August 2, 2020

Catalytic converters play an important role in the way your Audi performs every time you use your vehicle. This component is a part of the exhaust and emissions system. The catalytic converter’s main function is to change harmful exhaust gases into safer emissions to protect the environment as well as you and your passengers.

All new cars are required to have catalytic converters to make the pollution from driving your car less harmful. Catalytic converters are meant to last for the lifetime of your Audi. However, they are vulnerable to damage and clogging, leading to premature failure.

Symptoms of a Failing Catalytic Converter

Since the catalytic converter plays such an important role in the exhaust system, most symptoms will be emissions-related. The most common symptoms of catalytic converter failure:

Check-engine light

The check engine light can be triggered by many different issues. A clogged catalytic converter is one of these causes. If your check engine light is illuminated, bring your Audi into Bavarian Performance Specialists. One of our dedicated mechanics will run a diagnostic scan to find the source of the issue.

Reduced Performance

If your catalytic converter is clogged, there will be a buildup of pressure. The pressure makes it hard for the exhaust system to work efficiently, which can reduce your Audi’s performance and cause rough acceleration.

Rattling Noises

A clogged catalytic will work hard attempting to filter air. This can produce a rattling noise.

Engine misfires

Misfires can be caused by a number of issues. One of these is a clogged catalytic converter. Engine misfires can damage your engine in several ways. If you experience misfiring, have the issue checked out right away to protect your engine.

Failed Emissions Test

If you Audi failed an emissions test, it could be due to a clogged or failing catalytic converter.

Smell of Rotten Eggs

A failing catalytic converter is unable to handle the sulfur created by the engine. This leads to an unpleasant smell coming from the exhaust that some describe as the smell of rotten eggs.

Reduced Fuel Efficiency

The engine needs a continuous flow of clean air. A clogged converter obstructs the air flow which leads to excessive fuel use and more expense to you.

Common Causes Catalytic Converter Failure

Your catalytic converter was designed to last the lifetime of your car. There are some common causes of failure that we’ve listed below for reference:

Road Damage

Catalytic converters are located under your Audi near the ground. They can easily be damaged by road debris and strikes.

Faulty Oxygen Sensor

Oxygen sensors measure oxygen levels to establish the air-to-fuel ratio. The air/fuel ratio is important for your engine to work properly. If the oxygen sensor fails, it will negatively affect engine performance and emissions. This can also damage your catalytic converter.

Excess Fuel

Fuel is burned in the combustion chamber. If any fuel leaves unburned, it will enter the exhaust system.

Spark Plugs and Wires

Bad spark plugs and wires can cause misfires, which allow fuel to enter the exhaust system. This fuel can then ignite in the catalytic converter.

Antifreeze or Oil

If antifreeze or oil is allowed to enter the exhaust system, it can clog the converter and lead to failure.

Engine Needs a Tune-up

An engine that needs tuned can create a number of problems. If the engine isn’t operating properly it probably isn’t getting the correct air-to-fuel ratio. It may also be experiencing incorrect timing or misfiring.

Protecting Your Catalytic Converter

There are a few things that you can do to help protect your catalytic converter.

  • Drive slowly over speedbumps.
  • Do not lower your car with aftermarket alterations.
  • Avoid potholes whenever possible.
  • Stay current on your maintenance schedule.
  • Have your catalytic converter inspected.
  • Have any issues checked out right away.
  • Follow your car’s routine maintenance plan.

We are Here to Help

Catalytic converter issues Audi Broken Catalytic Converter can be aggravating. They can end up causing you to spend a lot of money if they are not diagnosed properly the first time. If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, it is important to have your Audi checked out right away. At Bavarian Performance Specialists, we proudly serve the Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills, Westlake, Malibu, and Newbury Park, CA areas. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.