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Best Repair Shop in Thousand Oaks to Replace Your BMW’s Ignition Module

By Bavarian Performance Specialists March 19, 2020

The ignition module is a critical component of your BMW and is necessary for the engine to begin the process of firing and maintaining its cyclical operations. The last thing any driver wants is to get in their car, put on their seat belt, and shockingly find that the engine won’t start.

If your ignition module breaks down or malfunctions, you’ll be left sitting in your driveway or parking lot instead of tearing up the open roads or even getting to work. This article will cover the key components of the ignition module, how to know if it is failing, how it’s fixed, and the best repair shop to visit if your BMW’s ignition module needs to be replaced.

The Function of the Ignition Module

The ignition module is the “on” switch of your car and is necessary to start your BMW. Without it, the ignition cannot be fired and components won’t move in your engine. The module is the breaker inside the ignition that turns the ignition coil either on or off. Once you crank your key, a message is sent to the module that is subsequently relayed to the coils, which then turn on.

Warning Signs of Ignition Module Failure

There are some more obvious signs that your ignition module is failing: If your car doesn’t start, there’s a good chance it’s because your ignition module has failed, but it could be a dead battery. Symptoms of ignition module failure can masquerade as other problems, which may lead you in the wrong direction for diagnosing the problem. So, keep an eye out for these particular signs and report them immediately to a trusted BMW mechanic, who can inspect and diagnose your BMW’s ignition module to prevent you from suffering a breakdown, leaving you stranded when you’re ready to ride.

Engine Misfires

Misfiring or running rough is uncomfortable for the driver and could also be a sign of an ignition module not doing its job. Running rough is caused by incomplete combustion in your engine, and because the ignition module controls ignition timing, it could be to blame for misfiring and running rough.


If the engine doesn’t get the spark it needs from the ignition, it may stall out. In this case, look to the ignition module if you feel it may be to blame. Bring your BMW to a certified technician to check it out and perform some diagnostic testing.

The Check Engine Light

If the check engine light is illuminated on your BMW’s dash, it could signify a wide range of issues, but one of them could be a faulty ignition module.

If your car won’t start, or any of the above problems have plagued your automobile, it may be time to get the ignition module replaced. Action should be taken quickly once the problem has been realized so that you can get back driving as soon as possible and be safe on the roads.

Ignition Module Replacement

If the ignition module fails, it needs to be replaced. If you are handy enough, you can do this yourself, but some may feel more comfortable allowing a trained mechanic to do the hard work under the hood.

If you choose to replace the module yourself, you will need to look near the ignition coil in order to find the ignition module, and it may be difficult to reach. Specific instructions for removing and replacing the ignition module vary from model to model but can be found in your BMW’s owner’s manual.

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