Volkswagen Parking Brake

Your Volkswagen’s Parking Brake Failure Can be Fixed by Experts in Thousand Oaks

By Bavarian Performance Specialists April 20, 2021

In a nice ride like a Volkswagen, keeping the braking system well-maintained will help maximize the performance and safety of the vehicle. The parking brake, specifically, is important for keeping your parked car from rolling. This component must also be kept in good shape. In this article, we will take a look at the parking brake, what constitutes a failure, and how to address the problem to make sure everyone is safe when driving and while parked.

What is parking brake failure?

Just as its name suggests, the parking brake is a system that helps to lock the wheels in place. This serves to keep the car from rolling or otherwise moving when you want it to stay still. The parking brake is usually engaged when parking on a hill or other incline where the car may easily be moved by gravity. Engaging the parking brake while parked will help the car to not roll away.

The parking brake is also known as the e-brake, or emergency brake, because it provides additional deceleration power beyond the brake pedal in emergency situations. So, a parking brake failure occurs when the parking brake is no longer able to perform its proper functions. As expected, there are many dire consequences associated with parking brake failure. Let’s take a look at some of those and discuss how to avoid this potentially dangerous situation.

Problems Associated with Parking Brake Failure

First, a malfunctioning parking brake will be unable to adequately lock the wheels in place, meaning that even when engaged, the car may continue to roll. This is because putting the vehicle into the parking gear does not provide much friction to keep the vehicle steady, so it is very important to use the parking brake if the vehicle is very heavy and parked at an incline or decline. These situations are very common because not all parking spaces are flat and dirt or rock roads are very bumpy and slippery.

Next, the parking brake is very important for emergency situations. Many times, drivers will neglect the condition of their brake calipers and continue to use them when they are nearly worn out and provide very little friction. Many times, despite slamming the brakes, the anti-lock braking system will prevent the car from braking too hard, and therefore the vehicle might not be able to slow down quickly enough. In important times like these, it is essential to ensure that the parking brake is functioning at maximum performance.

Dealing with Parking Brake Failure

The parking brake failure may be the result of a variety of reasons. First, the parking brake might not be responding simply due to a mechanical error that causes it to not work even though the lever is engaged. If the lever is not responding, the lever may need to be inspected to ensure that the parking brake cable is connected to the brakes properly. When it is broken, a simple parking brake cable replacement usually does the trick.

Second, if you have ever forgotten to release the parking brake and tried to drive off with it engaged, you know that the car is still able to move quite easily even when the parking brake is on. This shows that the parking brake is inherently a weak form of braking and therefore its performance may be worn out easily. So, it is important that the brake calipers are replaced frequently and never used past the recommended degree of wear.

The Solution to Parking Brake Failure

Parking brake failure is not something Volkswagen Parking Sensor Inspection you want to mess around with, especially when you are towing heavy loads or parking on a hill. Even for everyday driving, the safest choice is to ensure that the brakes are working well and the parking brake cable is responding. If you suspect your car is not working properly and want to get it checked out, visit Bavarian Performance Specialists in California with convenient locations in Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills, Westlake, Malibu, and Newbury Park. We offer outstanding customer service and utilize the latest technology to replace and repair parts. Call us for an appointment or come by for a consultation, where we can diagnose any problems your Volkswagen is having and discuss a plan to get you back on the road quickly.