Mercedes Starting Issue

Who to Consult in Thousand Oaks if Your Mercedes Fails to Start

By Bavarian Performance Specialists November 2, 2021

Mercedes-Benz built its reputation around luxury and performance. Over the decades, the brand has continued to incorporate the latest technology into its vehicles to ensure safety and comfort. This has made it popular amongst drivers.

The high performance and luxury a Mercedes has to offer will be worthless when you can’t get your engine to start. Although performing ongoing maintenance and regular service can significantly reduce the possibility of encountering performance issues in your Mercedes, performance issues are inescapable at some point. Discussed below are some of the reasons why your Mercedes have failed to start.

Low or Dead Battery

When you can’t get your car to start either due to a slow crank or no crank at all, the first thing to check is your battery. When the starter cranks but the car doesn’t start, it is probably due to a low battery. When your car’s headlights, radios, and other electronic components are still functional, this is probably an indication of a low battery. These components are still functional because they require very little battery power to function.

There is also the possibility that a corroded or rusted battery terminal is the cause of the problem. Charging the battery or cleaning the battery terminal as the case may be should be the quickest fix to the problem. However, where an old or dead battery is the cause of your lack of engine power. Replacing the dead or old battery is the only permanent solution to the problem.

Faulty Starter

Since an engine cannot rotate on its own, it needs the initial push from the starter before it can continue to operate on its own power. If the starter motor clicks but fails to start, the problem is either from the starter or the battery. When the starter fails, the engine will not get the push needed to power on. Most times, the failed starter may result from a blown fuse or the starter motor. In either case, it is best to get your vehicle examined by an expert.

Faulty Fuel System

When debris, rust, and dirt make their way into your fuel system, this system becomes clogged, resulting in an unsteady supply of fuel to the engine. If the problem is allowed to persist, the system might become fully clogged, preventing the system from supplying the engine with the amount of fuel needed for the initial combustion.

A blown fuse can also cause your fuel injectors to fail, hindering fuel flow from the system to the engine. Regular inspection of your fuel pump and fuel filter and swift replacement of the component whenever it needs to be changed, will help avoid future problems.

Driver Authorization System Failure

Mercedes has continually improved their vehicle security. Newer models of the brand feature a smart key and a Driver Authorization System (DAS). Apart from unlocking your car and disabling the anti-theft system, the key fob has a transponder that communicates with your vehicle, informing it that the key is the correct one.

When you insert the key in the ignition, it is verified, and upon successful verification, the engine powers on. When the Driver Authorization System (DAS) validation fails, the vehicle will fail to start. This might have resulted from a faulty key or a partly or fully discharged battery, which caused the electronic ignition system to fail.

Failing Alternator

The alternator is meant to continually charge the battery to have enough charge to perform its functions. However, when the alternator fails, the battery won’t hold enough charge to power the car when you need it to start.

 Other factors that could cause your Mercedes not to start include:

  • crankshaft position sensor failure
  • shifter Selector module failure
  • electrical problems

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