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Tips From The BMW Experts On Headlight Maintenance In Thousand Oaks

By Bavarian Performance Specialists February 14, 2023

As a BMW owner, it is important to properly maintain your car’s headlights to ensure optimal performance and safety on the road. Headlights are a critical component of your car’s lighting system, providing visibility for night driving and in adverse weather conditions. Here are some tips for maintaining your BMW’s headlights.

Clean The Headlights Regularly

As our cars take us through the miles and months, it’s important to keep those headlights in peak condition. Over time, exposure to UV rays, outdoor pollution, and other environmental factors can cause headlights to become blurry or discolored.

To ensure that your nighttime visibility is at its best, clean your car’s headlights regularly with a microfiber cloth and an approved cleaner. Be careful not to use abrasive cleaners — these can scratch the lens or damage the protective coating over time. With a little extra care and maintenance, you can keep your headlights crystal-clear for years.

Replace Burnt-Out Bulbs

When a headlight bulb burns out, it can be a real nuisance and reduce visibility at night. Not only that, but driving around with one or more headlights out could significantly increase the chances of getting into an accident — which may cause far greater trouble than just replacing the bulb.

If your BMW happens to use a xenon or LED headlight system, replacements from BMW are highly recommended since they ensure proper performance and comply with local regulations. Installing these bulbs is fairly easy (although you’ll want to consult an experienced technician if needed) and considering the benefits of replacing them quickly, it is important to replace them as soon as possible.

Check the Alignment

Maintaining proper headlight alignment is essential when driving at night. If your headlights are misaligned, they can interfere with visibility by either illuminating the side of the road rather than straight ahead, or aim too high and blind oncoming traffic. The best way to check alignment is to park your car in an empty lot and look at the position of the lights.

For BMWs, there is an automatic leveling system which typically corrects itself as you drive, however it must be checked regularly to ensure it works correctly and won’t lead to any potential accidents on the road. Make sure in your next safety inspection to have a professional take a look and make sure your headlights are aligned perfectly for safer nighttime driving.

Protect the Headlights

When driving, safety should be a priority. It is especially important to protect your headlights from damage as they allow you to have maximum visibility in the dark. While it may seem like an unnecessary step, adding protective film or headlight covers to your vehicle can make a huge difference in keeping them safe and scratch free. These items are designed to provide a layer of protection against the hazards that come with roadways such as rocks, debris and other elements.

In addition to preventing scratches and cracks, headlight covers or films also help safeguard lenses from discoloration over time due to harsh weather conditions like UV rays, snow or rain. Not only will your headlights look better and last longer, but they will give you less hassle when driving at night.

Check The Wiring And Connectors

If you notice that your headlights are flickering or not providing adequate illumination, it may be due to a faulty wiring or connector issue. While the availability and types of connectors can vary depending on your car’s make and model, inspecting them and the wiring regularly is a great way to help identify any potential issues before they become more problematic.

If either the wires or connectors appear worn out, cracked or have corroded due to environmental factors, replace these components as soon as possible to restore proper function. Regular maintenance to these parts will help ensure that your headlights are working optimally no matter how far you’re traveling.

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