How to Fix 

a PCV Valve Failure in Your BMW by a Certified Thousand Oaks Mechanic

- Corrosions occur when it is not released from the engine compartment.

- PCV valve is dealing with toxic vapors left behind in the engine.

- Valve utilizes the vapors and recycles them to enhance engine performance.

When the PCV valve fails, it will cause major problems in the engine.

What is a PCV valve?

- Blow-by gases are toxic fumes created in the engine during the combustion cycle.

- Valve reroutes the gases away from the crankcase through the intake manifold.

- Valve helps the engine to “breathe” and recycles the vapors to the engine.

Replacing a PCV valve or its filter

- PCV filter captures the toxic vapors in the stream of gasoline.

- Filters can get clogged, so replace them every 60,000 miles or less.

Common Signs of PCV Valve filter failure









Increase oil consumption

Oil leaking from the engine

Trigger dashboard warning light

Increase engine pressure

Oil found in the MAF sensor

Fail the seal or gasket

Produce black smoke from the exhaust

Engine misfiring

Professional help for PCV valve replacement

- At Bavarian Performance Specialist, we serve repairs of PCV valve failure.