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Durable And Timeless

One of the oldest examples of a luxury car, Mercedes Benz has remained popular with drivers for almost a century. With their sleek designed, durability and reliable performance it is easy to see why so many prefer Mercedes over other cars and with their constant improvements there is something for all drivers. Of course solid manufacturing is only part of enjoying superior performance and the maintenance your Mercedes receives and how diligently you follow the service schedule for your vehicle. Instead of overpaying for visits to the dealership however, see how the experts at Bavarian Performance Specialists can help you get the most out of your Mercedes.

Complete Vehicle Service And Repair

At Bavarian Performance Specialists we understand the importance of both quality repairs and initial diagnostic inspections. We use factory grade tools and equipment to give your car the best services such as:

  • Full brake repairs and services
  • Check engine light diagnosis and repairs
  • Engine rebuilds/replacements
  • Factory scheduled maintenance appointments
  • Transmission service and repairs

With decades of combined experience our technicians are also aware of the common problems that can plague your Mercedes. This allows us to perform more complete preventative maintenance and repairs for problems like:

  • Engine mount failure causing excessive vibrations in your steering wheel
  • Failed catalytic converter causing the check engine light to stay on or causing a loud rattle under the vehicle
  • Broken or damaged window regulators that halt your power windows from working

Quality Over Quantity

Cutting corners and rushing can lead to numerous repeat visits that become more and more expensive. That’s why at Bavarian Performance Specialists we make sure to get you your car quicker than the competition or the dealerships without sacrificing quality. If you’re in Newbury Park, CA or Malibu and your Mercedes needs a mileage service appointment or your check engine light won’t turn off and you need to know why, please call us today. We’re here to help you with a commitment to honest customer service and quality that you can count on.